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Girra: The Wild Earth

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Girra: The Wild Earth

Lunghezza: 500 pagine6 ore


Half a century after Judgement ravaged the world with pestilence, fire and floods, the future of humankind hangs in the balance.

Society has collapsed. Those who are left are struggling to survive amid the ruins. On the east coast of what was once Australia, in a landscape redefined by rising ocean levels, a community ekes out an existence, wary in an uncertain world, but daring to hope for a brighter future.

A young woman, Girra, delights in her island haven, sailing and diving amongst the flooded remains of the old world in search of treasures from the past. But her idyllic life is about to change forever as a mysterious stranger infiltrates her settlement and threatens the lives of her loved ones. Girra must undertake a perilous journey, battling nature and her own inexperience, in order to save the people most dear to her and, perhaps, to protect the very future of humankind itself.

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