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Pizza With Panache

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Pizza With Panache

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Pizza With Panache is a fast-paced, satirical yarn of crime on Wall Street. Deceits swirl around duplicity as the rich try to get even richer without doing any honest work. Fred Farquhar, a successful pizza franchise owner, doesn’t think he’s getting rich fast enough. He enlists Adam, a Wall Street analyst, to feed him inside information, which Fred uses to trade stocks in a secret foreign bank account. Greed abounds as Fred’s foreign banker, Enrico, and Adam’s buddy, Alain, join in the illicit insider trading.

These scoundrels garner filthy lucre so fast they attract the attention of law enforcement. Nick Papadakis, an SEC enforcement lawyer, is fed up with his job. He made the mistake of doing good work, and now is rewarded with more work: the investigation and the responsibility to train Ethan, a new guy. The last thing he wants is a high-pressure investigation where he needs to train a new guy. But the thievery is so appalling, Nick gets interested and investigates aggressively. He is obstructed by slippery defense lawyers and harassed by scheming supervisors hoping to steal the credit for his success. He desperately hopes to escape his job.

If you've ever wondered what a government stock market investigation looks and feels like from the inside, read Pizza With Panache. If you’ve ever thought that Wall Street is crooked, big law firms are ruthless sweatshops, bureaucrats poison the government, no good deed goes unpunished, and the only solution is to escape your job, this is the book for you.

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