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Music Heals: The Powerful Healing Power of Music Therapy

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Music Heals: The Powerful Healing Power of Music Therapy

Lunghezza: 71 pagine25 minuti


Table of Contents

Different types of Healing Music
Music Therapy – My Experiences
Secrets of Traditional Chants
Prenatal Influence of Music on Babies
Exorcism through Music and Rhythm
Even Simple Words Hold the Power...
Different Ragas for Different Ailments
Author Bio


Music relaxes, elevates, soothes, inspires and delights. But most of us do not know that music can also heal, and when I got interested in this traditional method of healing one spiritually, mentally and emotionally through music, I began by researching in ancient musical therapy processes all over the world.

I was astonished to hear and learn that every civilization had its own music therapy process, for healing. It came in the form of chants, prayers, and morning dawned to the music of the birds chirping on the trees, and the bees humming on the flowers. If you were relaxed enough to lie down under a tree, and just hear the sloughing of the wind, making a rustling sound through the trees, you would find yourself feeling sleepy, relaxing, and then calming down tranquilly.

This book is going to give you a glimpse of traditions in Asia, along with traditional information of music therapy, and because I did not research in Chinese, Thai, Japanese or other Eastern music therapy, you are going to find references to ragas, slokas, pertaining to Indian music, and also Indian mythology.

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