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The Healing Power in Food

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The Healing Power in Food

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"The Healing Power in Food" is the landmark book that reveals 1,400 years of natural secrets. Author Bakheet Alodah has looked at dozens of commonly available super foods that are mentioned in the ancient texts of the Quran.

Recently scientific studies are backing up these centuries old beliefs to show these foods have a remarkable ability to quickly improve health in powerful ways.

From beautiful, youthful skin to a more robust immune system, to better nutrition and more energy; "The Healing Power in Food" gives you an eye opening discussion of how common foods can give you a new lease on youth and life.

Learn how foods as different as barley, bee honey, figs, garlic, mother's milk, mustard, and olive oil are redefining our understanding of the medicinal qualities of food.

"The Healing Power of Food" is must reading for anyone interested in natural treatments, cures, and vastly improved nutrition. It is the modern person's guide to the foods mentioned in one of the world's most beloved religious works. And a window into the past when foods where the only medicines people had.

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