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30 Day Whole Foods Cookbook: Approved Healthy Whole Foods Eating Challenge, #1

30 Day Whole Foods Cookbook: Approved Healthy Whole Foods Eating Challenge, #1

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30 Day Whole Foods Cookbook: Approved Healthy Whole Foods Eating Challenge, #1

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Sep 1, 2016


30 Day Whole Foods CookbookApproved Healthy Whole Foods Eating Challenge. Delicious Recipes to Lose Weight, Increasing Your Energy and Change Your Life

Can you keep up with the 30 day whole food challenge?

It is called a challenge because it is not easy. However, this cookbook is geared towards taking you by the hand and helping you cruise towards healthy eating. It provides you with a meal plan along with some menus of various whole foods. The meal plan is not rigid and you are allowed to adjust accordingly while keeping yourself in track lest it will lose meaning. Find it within yourself to utilize the schedule because you will gain a lot. You can take on this challenge with your family members! 

Whole foods are essentially organic foods that are clean and do not have artificial embellishments not excluding preservatives, flavors and colorings. They are easy on your pockets and very friendly on your girth or waistline.  These foods are obtained from animals or the soil directly and are rich in vital nutrients including vitamins, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, natural sugars and fats.

Another thing, eating healthy whole foods is not so easy because you have to go to the grocery stores and buy the ingredients. Then you have to do the dishes and actually cook. As you will realize, it is an investment of your time. By taking this challenge through following strictly the meal plans and not using the "forbidden" foods, you are going to be taking the first step to a wholesome life.

To fast-track yourself to a godly physique, consider taking exercise lessons too. A good diet in tandem with an exercise regime equals to a great body. There are a couple of recipes in this book:•  Apple oatmeal•  Black bean tostadas and Marinated vegetables •  Lentil sloppy joes•  Cucumber cantaloupe with greens smoothie•  Harvest vegetable tart with winter quash•  Pumpkin seed granola with whole grain•  Roasted cauliflower steaks•  Lentil salad and kale•  Baked spicy tofu•  Vegetables and tofu scrambleAmong others….

Sep 1, 2016

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30 Day Whole Foods Cookbook - Abel Adams



YOU REALLY WANT TO change your eating habits and clearly know that there are massive benefits if you do so. You get to live a healthy life today and you give yourself a shot at living a hassle-free life, health-wise, in the near and distant future.

However, like an addiction, you can’t bring yourself to muster the cajones to drop the unhealthy eating. You must ready yourself psychologically to make a fresh start. Although we readily acknowledge that all bodies are not the same, you can adopt this 30 day challenge to kick start your new and healthy life.

Then you can adjust accordingly with respect to your body’s unique needs. It all begins with the little changes governed by four key areas of dieting that provide you with a proven path to a healthy eating.

The four key spheres include:

Obtain your fats via whole plant sources.

Include foods with a wide array of micronutrients, cereals and vegetables reign supreme with this regard.

Eat unprocessed foods. Processed foods are a big No-No.

Strive to eat a diet based on plant food sources. Minimize on the meat in the food. (You do not have turn yourself into a vegetarian.)

IF YOU FANCY YOURSELF a challenge, you are at the right place. You have to observe a high degree of self-discipline and patience. A relapse to your previous eating habits is not criminal but you should always try to avoid it. To achieve the desired effect, stick to the whole foods.  

There is a 30 day timetable with a scheme of foods that do

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