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Life of Buddha: According to the Ancient Legends of India

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Life of Buddha: According to the Ancient Legends of India

Lunghezza: 236 pagine4 ore


The Life of Buddha is based on a prolonged study of Indian legends, poems, history and literature.

The Life of Buddha not only adds to the actual knowledge of the facts surrounding the life of the Lord Buddha, but it also renders intelligible much that has hitherto mystified the Western student of the Orient. With great clarity, the author brings out the modes of life the sense of values, the technique of meditation, and the daily life of the Lord Buddha. Packed with stimulating information, it is of interest to the student of Eastern religion and mysticism and the lover of Asiatic art, as well as to those concerned with philosophy, with the psychology of religion, and also to the general reader who hopes to gain an insight into the Orient.

This vivid account of Buddha's life shows clearly how the values and manners set down by this man swept through India, Burma, Indo-China, and Ceylon, across China and Korea, and into Japan; and how the daily life of a man who lived over two thousand five hundred years ago has become an inspiration, not only to millions of Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese, but also to increasing numbers of Westerners as well.
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