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Quiet Room

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Quiet Room

Lunghezza: 124 pagine1 ora


Quiet Room is a collection of Zen poetry by 14th century Zen master Jakushitsuwidely considered to be one of the finest poets of the genre.

The poetry of Rinzai Zen master Jakushitsu remains as fresh and resonant today as when it was written centuries ago. Now his brilliant, poignant zen poetry, carefully translated by Zen practitioner Arthur Braverman, is available in English for poetry and Zen enthusiasts to read and savor.

This, the most complete selection of Jakushitsu's work, is also put into context by Braverman with thoughtful excerpts from Buddhist scripture and other relevant sources. Here we see the full scope of Jakushitsu's timeless thinking, and along the way gain a greater understanding of Japanese Zen practice, the culture of traditional Japan, and of ourselves.
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