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The Scooter Five (Book 2)

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The Scooter Five (Book 2)

Lunghezza: 29 pagine3 minuti


The amazing SCOOTER FIVE set out on
an adventure to save little Kitten Boo from an owl’s nest
high in a treetop. See if you can find the Hedgehog.

An English rhyming story with water colour illustrations by artist Cosima Bellamacina.

Suitable for children 2-8 years of age.

Throughout the land toddlers on their multi coloured
mini scooters are zooming along the pavement.

Somewhere in England in a small town five children
race into action to solve many mysteries.

Rhyming stories are used in schools across the land to
help children learn the art of reading.

"Rhyming books for kids are so important for the development of early literacy skills and should line the bookshelves in all classrooms and home libraries, wherever possible!"

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