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The Coming War In Europe: Essays On Europe's Impending Destabilization And Internal Confrontation With Islam

The Coming War In Europe: Essays On Europe's Impending Destabilization And Internal Confrontation With Islam

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The Coming War In Europe: Essays On Europe's Impending Destabilization And Internal Confrontation With Islam

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Aug 3, 2017


The Coming War In Europe: Essays On Europe’s Impending Destabilization And Internal Confrontation With Islam is a collection of articles and essays published by Julian Langness in 2015-2017. These essays detail and analyze the situation in Europe vis a vis mass-Muslim immigration, as well as the civilizational-suicide of Europe's leaders.

Examining the horrific epidemics of rape and violence shaking these countries, as well as the staggering demographic developments the mainstream media are loathe to acknowledge, the essays in question pull no punches regarding the severity of Europe’s existential threats. Simultaneously, the collection also delves into the psychology and ideology that have lead Europe down this dangerous path.

At the same time, the essays strive to be proactive, and devote considerable time to strategizing and analyzing the most effective means of resistance that might be deployed by those seeking to preserve Europe and her peoples.

The collection contains articles originally published by Counter-Currents, TraditionalRight, Western Spring, and the author’s own website,

This book will serve as an interesting and thought-provoking read to those already aware of Europe’s dangerous course, and a deep-seated intellectual and moral challenge to those still advocating for the EU’s multiculturalist vision.

About The Author

Julian Langness writes about geopolitics, culture, 4th Generation Warfare, masculinity, society, and identity. He has contributed popular essays and articles to Traditional Right and Counter-Currents, and is the editor of

He is also the author of Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man's Journey Through Modernity, and the upcoming book Identity Rising: How Nationalist Millenials Will Re-Take Europe, Save America, And Become The New 'Greatest Generation'.

He has been featured in interviews with author Piero San Giorgio, as well as Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio, and has given speeches at the Northwest Forum and the American Renaissance Conference.

Aug 3, 2017

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The Coming War In Europe - Julian Langness


Part I



Editor’s note: The following essay was originally published on January 19th, 2017 by

Just How Bad Are Sweden’s Demographics?

We talk a lot about the exact numbers involved in modern Europe’s situation. Without numbers it is hard to establish understanding, and unfortunately such statistics are rarely available. In recent years Western European governments have tried to suppress information on exactly what the demographic breakdowns of their societies look like. Many do not keep track of such things because they believe to do so would be politically incorrect. Others, such as Germany, have had such fluid borders recently that they themselves likely do not even know the exact numbers of immigrants.

We just got some decent numbers out of Sweden though that are relatively clarifying, and they deserve to be examined for their obvious significance.

From Fria Tider [via Google Translate]:

"On Friday next week is expected Sweden’s population passed ten million, according to a population counter Statistics posted on its website.

Thus surpassed by far the SCB forecast from 2003 predicted that the population of Sweden would amount to 9,7 million in 2020. People of foreign origin, foreign-born or children of foreign born, account for nearly all population growth, Statistics Sweden has noted previously .

According to Statistics Sweden’s statistical database lived 6,939,156 2,911,861 Swedes and immigrants in Sweden 31 December 2015. This, according to the old definition of foreign origin as someone who is either born outside Sweden or who have at least one foreign-born parent. This means that 30 percent of Sweden’s population was non-Swedes at the end of 2015. The statistics for 2016 are not yet complete."[¹]

That’s right – 30 percent of people in Sweden are now of ‘foreign origin’.

That is pretty monumental in and of itself, but what happens when we break down the numbers even more, and look at it by generation?

There have been countless books written in recent years about the ‘population bomb’ and ‘the greying of Europe’ and the West. This is because all Western countries currently have surpluses of elderly compared to middle-aged and younger. Sweden is a foremost example of this. Their post WWII generation was just as fecund as any in the West, and possessed a large birth rate. Their children- the ‘Baby-Boomers’- on the other hand, had miserably low numbers of children. The eldest Baby-Boomers hit age 70 this year, meaning 60-somethings therefore represent the majority of the native Swedish population.

With the ‘foreign-origin’ population though, it is the opposite. The majority of them have immigrated to Sweden relatively recently, and are thus young. Those who didn’t come recently – who came earlier, in the 1970’s and 1980s’- had large families that produced many children that are now creating even more children in turn, making the immigrant (Muslim) population even more youthful by contrast.

Take this article I stumbled upon by Speisa, which also provides better numbers than most such articles you can find online.

In 2013, the proportion of people in Sweden with a foreign background in the age group 0-44 years was 33.3 percent. One year later, in 2014, the percentage increased by 0.95 percent to 34.26 percent.[²]

If the overall percentage of the population of Sweden in 2014 was somewhere south of 30%, yet the 0-44 year old population was over 34%, think how even more pronounced that discrepancy must be when only considering the 0-18 demographic, or 18-29 demographic that includes the countless recent arrivals in Sweden- which, it should be noted, weren’t there when those 2014 numbers were taken.

To get an idea of the impact of this post-2014 ‘migrant crisis’ on the demographic numbers, consider that according to Karl Ritter of the Associated Press, the ratio of males to females among the 15-19 year old age range in Sweden is now 115:100.[³] This is far different from what a static population has, and is a result of the ‘unaccompanied minors’ that began arriving in Sweden in 2015. Even more of the ‘migrants’ are twenty-somethings than teenagers though, so imagine how much more skewed the ratio is in that demographic.

Therefore if in 2014 at least 34% of every 100 Swedes between 0-44 were of foreign-origin, it seems likely that at least 40% among the 18-30 year old population were. Consider what this number likely is today, three years later, after the heaviest years of immigration in Swedish history! And in addition, consider what it must be just among men. I think that looking at this data it is very possible that the 18-29 year old male demographic in Sweden legitimately is a majority now.

If that is the case, consider too this passage from the same Speisa article.

If the proportion of people with foreign backgrounds continues to increase at the same pace, the Swedes will become a minority in their own country within 2041. However, as the number of immigrants continues to increase, it will occur even earlier than one might anticipate.

Indeed, it seems likely to happen far before 2041. And in addition, even these statistics may not paint the full story. The ‘foreign-origin’ label only applies if you or one of your parents was born overseas. If both of your parents are ethnic Middle-Easterners but were born in Sweden, you are not included!


I try to keep this site focused as much as possible on preparation, action, and strategy. I don’t wish to merely observe, lament, and react to the murder of our ancestral lands by our Progressive opponents. ‘Conservatives’ have done that for decades enough, and that is why we are in the situation we are today.[⁴] Yet this is a black pill that must be acknowledged and shared, so our people understand just how dire the situation is, and how much sacrifice is needed from our generation. I certainly have not given up hope though, and believe that eucatastrophe will eventually come, and that Sweden will one day be reconquered.


[¹] Albinsson, Mattias. Snart är vi fler än tio miljoner i Sverige. Fria Tider, 14 Jan., 2017. Web. 15 Apr. 2017.

[²] Speisa. The numbers are out, Swedes will be a minority in a few years. Web. 15 Apr., 2017.

[³] Ritter, Karl. It’s raining men! Sweden sees historic gender balance shift. Associated Press, republished in the Las Vegas Sun. Web. 15 Apr., 2017.

[⁴] There is an excellent video done by a Youtube creator by the name of Black Pigeon Speaks on this same issue in Germany, it uses a variety of statistics to demonstrate that native German 20-35 year-old’s will be a minority in that country by, at the latest, 2020. It can be found at the following link:


Editor’s Note: The following essay was originally published on February 16th, 2016 by

Spotlights In Heroism: Eric Zemmour On The Horror Of The Coming Civil War

Eric Zemmour is a French writer and thinker who is the author of numerous books on French politics and society. He was born in France to Algerian parents in 1958, but identifies as a Berber Jew. He is a long-term participant on the weekly talk-show Ca Se Dispute. He is the author of numerous books including Le Premier Sexe, on the feminization of society, and most notably, Le Suicide Francais, which became a bestseller in 2014.

Zemmour represents a complicated yet coherent set of views that would be familiar and logical to readers of this website. He strikes what is today the rare balance of being a proponent of traditionalist values, and an opponent of multinational corporatism (as opposed to historical, or small town capitalism). In America, the UK, and many other Western nations, traditionalist or conservative values are often paired with strong support for corporate multinational capitalism, but Zemmour cuts to the heart of the contradiction inherent within this, explaining how the forces of multinational corporatism actually end up working to destroy traditionalist values, as well as destroying individual cultures and races.

Le Suicide Francais is the author’s chronological catalog of the last half-century of social and political developments in France, leading to France’s national and cultural suicide. A review from the New Yorker states:

Zemmour’s book is cleverly done, mingling facts and perceptive insights with wild leaps of logic, biting sarcasm, and ominous apocalyptic rhetoric. His story begins with the Events of May, 1968, with France’s student protesters trying to topple the de Gaulle government. They failed, and de Gaulle won a massive election victory in June, but Zemmour argues that their movement actually succeeded by infusing France with a series of permissive, anti-national, individualistic, anti-authoritarian, pleasure-seeking values that ironically opened the door for what the protesters claimed to hate the most: American consumerism.[⁵]

In relation to this 1960’s-era induced decline, Zemmour laments the idea of: Liberation of the individual as a false goal of modern society- both economically and socially, that in the end leaves the individual isolated, and reduced to the sole identity of consumer.

Zemmour is also a staunch opponent of the immigration and racial and cultural utopianism that came out of the 1960’s. He has said that anti-racism and feminism are both causes lain on us by a milieu of French and Western pseudo-elites, and that both will not be followed, and will not work under any form of reality or real-life application. He has also stated that: The sacralization of race during the Nazi period and earlier has been followed by the negation of race. And to me, they’re both equally ridiculous.

In 2011, after being brought up on charges of, among other things, incitement to racial hatred, by SOS Racisme, Zemmour was even convicted of related offenses by the Seventeenth Criminal Court of Paris.[⁶]

Also, Zemmour has been particularly hard-hitting against the actions of his Jewish brethren, who he views as helping in large measure to precipitate many of the degenerate excesses of the last fifty years, as well as the deracination and deculturization of Western Europe. On this note Zemmour has decried the rise of the Shoah as the official religion of the French Republic.

Zemmour is also notorious for speaking truth to the French intelligentsia regarding the abject idiocy and horror that large-scale non-European immigration has wrought in France. In contrasting historical scenes from the French banlieus (suburbs) from an old movie, against the immigrant riots and violence they are now famous for, he said:

The happy suburb was not an illusion, it radiates joie de vivre in every scene of the film … it is not the high-rise buildings, the cage-like staircases, the absence of roads that provoke violence, gangs and ghettoes; but the violence, the gangs, the drugs that have transformed paradise into hell. It is not the structures that have forged the environment; it’s the population—and the change in population—that has made the environment.

Regarding the future of the Banlieus, and the future of France as a nation, now that it has been filled with immigrants from across the Middle-East and Africa, Zemmour pulls no punches:

"It is a dramatic situation which will lead to the Lebanisation of France, with the prospect of civil war between communities that have nothing to say to each other, who will confront each other because of no shared values, and who have no longer any interests in common. This I foresee. When the civil war arrives with its cortege of horrors, everything is possible. Everything is conceivable which today we cannot imagine."


[⁵] Stille, Alexander. The French Obsession With National Suicide. The New Yorker. 11 Dec., 2014. Web. 15 Apr., 2017.


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