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Black & White Magic: The Rationale and Reasoning Behind Things Which Cannot Be Explained

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Black & White Magic: The Rationale and Reasoning Behind Things Which Cannot Be Explained

Valutazione: 4 stelle su 54/5 (2 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 55 pagine37 minuti


Black & White Magic - The Rationale and Reasoning Behind Things Which Cannot Be Explained

Table of Contents

Ghosts and Other Supernatural Beings
The Voodoo That You Do...
Zombies and the Spirit on the Threshold!
The Things We Call Miracles
Author Bio


The moment you hear somebody whisper, “black magic,” I defy you not to feel a shiver run down your spine, because this is a subject, which has scared and terrified human beings for millenniums.

It conjures up visions of evil, bad beings, devils, and evil spirits, already to create mayhem and havoc upon the human world. This book is going to try to explain some of the rationale behind black magic or bad magic, and its counterpart, White Magic or Good Magic.

I have said these words, try to explain. Because I cannot explain a large number of supernatural occurrences, which occur periodically in nature, and which have absolutely no scientific explanation. The person of faith calls them miracles. The person of nature calls them natural magic. The person of science calls them chance or coincidence. Superstitious people have other names for such occurrences, fate, kismet, and other such names, coming down the ages through every civilization, to try to explain the inexplicable.

That is because human beings have not learned to leave things as they are and need to explain everything which has happened, through scientific or analytical thought. This is the thinking of the so-called intellectual world, which will not leave things as they are, but needs to waste its time in trying to explain why something happens the way it does, and how, and why, and when and where.

This book is going to have a number of experiences, which you are going to consider supernatural, and of course for which I have no logical, scientific or rational explanation. That is why, the explanation that I may give it has definitely no scientific proof demanded by researchers of psychic phenomena. There are some powers and forces out there, in other dimensions apart from us, and sometimes the “wall” between them, and our world allows them to escape into our world. And so we are subjected to supposedly supernatural occurrences, which a cynical scientist is going to dismiss as imagination, because he does not believe the evidence right in front of his eyes!

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