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A Servant

A Servant

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A Servant

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Sep 2, 2013


A Servant: Nothing More, Nothing Less, and Nothing Else
There is no greater place to be than in the service of our Lord!” Art’s life testimony is summed up in his own words, “All I want is to do what God wants me to do---nothing more, nothing less and nothing else. I just want to serve Him.”
Raised during the depression by alcoholic parents Art Ehm knew nothing about God. Then as a young husband and father 23 years old, a co-worker led him to invite Jesus Christ into his heart and life. Immediately God called him into Ministry. He trained at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon and became a Youth Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church. “I went from never darkening the door of a church to being there every time the doors were opened!” Putting the Kingdom of God and His Church ahead of our own family takes a toll. After several years his wife asked him to choose between his family and the ministry. Faced with divorce he left God’s Purpose for his life to save his family but lost them to divorce years later.
This is the story of how God Called him a second time restoring him in the Ministry. Art surrendered all to follow God’s Plan and Purposes entrusting our children and their families, fully into God’s Care. Together we witnessed the Miraculous Power of Jesus Christ change thousands of lives!
A Servant is about the dramatic change in his life that took place when he left all behind to fully serve the Lord. To follow his example, to walk in his footsteps as he followed Jesus, will take us on an equally exciting, interesting and challenging journey into new horizons in our own lives.

Sep 2, 2013

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A Servant - Sharlene Ehm

A Servant

Nothing More,

Nothing Less,


Nothing Else

Sharlene ‘Chris’ Ehm

Dedicated to the Glory of GOD in memory of my precious husband Rev. Arthur Ehm

Written to our children and families—our own treasures—

so you may know that the sacrifices you paid…

of time with him that could have been yours…

are life-giving investments into

Dad and Grandpa’s ministry.

Great are your rewards in Heaven!


Raised during the depression by alcoholic parents Art Ehm knew nothing about GOD. Then as a young husband and father 23 years old, a co-worker led him to invite JESUS CHRIST into his heart and life. Immediately GOD called him into Ministry. He trained at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon and became a Youth Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church. I went from never darkening the door of a church to being there every time the doors were opened! Putting the Kingdom of GOD and His Church ahead of our own family takes a toll. After several years his wife asked him to choose between his family and the ministry. Faced with divorce he left GOD’s Purpose for his life to save his family but lost them to divorce years later.

This is the story of how GOD Called him a second time Restoring him in the Ministry. Art surrendered all to follow GOD’s Plan and Purposes entrusting our children and their families, fully into GOD’s Care. Together we witnessed the Miraculous Power of JESUS CHRIST Gloriously change thousands of lives!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Second Time Around

Chapter 2 Sabbatical!

Chapter 3 Where Do We Go From Here?

Chapter 4 Pastor Art, an Evangelist

Chapter 5 Becoming the Outreach Pastor

Chapter 6 At War Within!

Chapter 7 Becoming an Associate Pastor

Chapter 8 The Perfect Pastor or Is He?

Chapter 9 Healing the Schism in SDCJM

Chapter 10 Church Assist Ministries

Chapter 11 A Faithful Servant

Second Time Around


A New Family and a New Tug-o-War

Mutual friends introduced my husband and me in 1967. Art at 37 yrs. old was a Service Manager for a Ford dealership and I was 27 years old, a beautician, the single Mom of five children ages 3-10 yrs. His hobbies were photography and racing his 650 Triumph motorcycle. He loved people and delighted in making them laugh. His deepest passion was leading them to Jesus Christ. The strongest drawing between the two of us was our belief in GOD and longing to serve Him. Although Art's old-fashioned Biblical beliefs hit head-on with my modern, metaphysical views we became good friends. A year later we realized we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. And so we began a journey of discovery that ultimately would lead us to walking in the miraculous!

After his first family was torn apart in a divorce he found a new one with us. Deep in his heart he felt we were his ministry. We were married on February 28, 1970 and moved to the Tri Cities, Washington where Art began the adoption process to make Debbie 13, Scott 12, Tammy 10, Randy 9 and Bryan 6 his own. In the 3 years we’d known him they had grown to love each other. Yet all but Bryan resisted out of loyalty to their father. Art’s 16 yr. old son Jeff came to live with us. The child-raising years were a roller coaster ride of great highs and deep lows. With the two of us working hard to get the American Dream, and socializing at the Eagles, and Elks Clubs, to build our client bases, the children had too much freedom. We faced difficult challenges ahead.

Neither of us understood (what we are vitally aware of now) that as Christians we have two natures. The natural one is tied to the world, the flesh and Satan (the God of this world). Yet our Born-again spirit is in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit. These two natures are opposed to each other. If we choose to go our own way we cannot hear from God. In contrast, when we choose to go God’s Way we are taught and led by His Spirit. Depending on our daily choices either the Holy Spirit or Satan will have the greatest influence in our circumstances. Regrettably I’d given Satan a lot of control unknowingly while experimenting with psychic phenomenon, researching eastern religions, and embracing counterfeit Christianity. Art, too, had been adversely altered through social drinking that led to a habit that became an addiction that controlled him. We both needed GOD’s Help to overcome the destructive baggage we brought into our marriage and family life.

From A Death Sentence to Life

Neither of us attended church. Art’s guilt and remorse for leaving the ministry kept him away. I wanted none of the hell-fire and damnation preaching of my youth. We didn’t know it but Satan was at work determined to prevent GOD’s plans and purposes for us. We needed the church and its support system to withstand him.

For me, it took terminal wild-fire cancer’s death sentence of two months to a year to live and the loss of my salon, to change my priorities. With Art’s support, I refused chemo and radiation treatments following surgery. I prayed, JESUS, I’ve always thought I’d serve you one day. Now, it’s too late. Whatever time I have left, make it count for You. The Prayer Journal begun as a legacy for my children became a faith builder.

During my 6 weeks recovery the two beauticians I employed took my clientele and opened their own salon. For a year I worked alone to pay off its debts. During that time the LORD sent a Christian lady who helped me understand the Bible. Compelled to read Hal Lindsey’s book, Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth I was shocked and humbled to learn that Satan had pretended to be GOD deceiving me through his counterfeit of Christianity. For the next two years my mind was renewed to the simplicity of the Gospel Message as I studied the Bible under preachers and teachers on Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting TV Network.

In 1978 I visited my brother Dennis in Texas as Hebron Baptist Church prepared for Homecoming Sunday. We were at the church every day that week. On that day the congregation was together through Sunday School, Church Service, the Potluck Luncheon, and the Singspiration afterward. I’ll never forget the last singer admitting I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but I’ve always wanted to sing for the LORD because I love Him so much. He missed all the notes but the Presence of the LORD was so powerful as he sang about his love for JESUS there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. That night as the visiting Evangelist called us to a deeper commitment, the HOLY SPIRIT literally washed over us like a Tsunami Wave and we all went forward weeping before GOD.

I returned home longing to be in a church family. Lost in thought I was driving home after taking Art’s lunch to him, when I found I’d turned the opposite direction. I sensed the Presence of the LORD and followed an inner prompting arriving at Tri City Christian Center, a Foursquare Church. I had never noticed it before but it turned out to be the only one that had drawn my attention weeks earlier in the telephone book. And since my favorite TV preacher was Pastor Jack Hayford of Church On the Way, a Foursquare Church, I felt doubly blessed! A coincidence? Not hardly.

Demonic Attack

Back in his twenties Art had raced motorcycles at Sidewinders flat track in Portland, Oregon. When three motorcycles ran over him breaking his back in three places the doctors said he would never ride again. He proved them wrong competing in cross-country racing and hill climbs for twenty more years.

But at the age of 43, intense back pain sent him to a chiropractor. After weeks of treatments he was terribly twisted and bent. Didn't your x-rays show his back was broken in 3 places years ago? I asked the doctor who immediately referred a specialist. Art was virtually paralyzed, lying on a mattress on the floor, doubling his medication dosages and drinking heavily to have a small measure of mobility. When he began hallucinating, I monitored dosages. Angry and desperate for relief, with great difficulty, he forced himself to roll off the mattress and into a crawling position. In excruciating pain with agonizing lurches, he managed to stand, then walk haltingly, tears streaming down his face.

When I blocked his way to the drugs and liquor his face suddenly contorted into murderous rage and he lunged at me. His look was terrifying! Instantly the Lord reminded me of demonic activity I'd read about in Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth. Trembling and in fear I silently prayed, Help me, Jesus! Words flashed to mind, Take authority over this demon. Do what you have read about. In Jesus Name, get out! I commanded, then, Art Ehm take back control. Thank You, Honey, I didn't think I could get back, he said wide-eyed. In nearly 30 years of ministry since, we've seen many times, that drugs and alcohol open the door to demonic activity, oppression and eventually possession.

Back Surgery

The neurosurgeon hospitalized Art warning that both the myelogram and surgery had a 50% chance of paralyzing him. The myelogram revealed a crushed disk wedged at an acute angle against his sciatica nerve. Art’s pain was unbearable! He couldn’t stand even a bed sheet touching him. Our family and church prayed. Under his hospital pillow was a handkerchief a friend’s pastor and church had prayed over for his healing (as the Apostle Paul had in the Bible). During his 5 hr. surgery I fought fear and clung to the belief that GOD would heal him.

Why are we so surprised when HE does? That evening while enjoying his first meal in two days, and watching Wide World of Sports a skier tumbled end-over-end down the slope. Having been there-done that Art laughed with such gusto the alarmed nurses ran to quiet him lest he tear out stitches or re-injure his back. He assured them he felt great, to the delight of us all! Within months he was riding his motorcycle again; at first cautiously on paved roads but after a year he was cross country racing and hill climbing with sons Jeff and Scott, coworkers, and boss Russ Dean.

A Secret Stash

Prior to surgery Art advised his ex-wife he would miss two child support payments but make them up when he returned to work. Two days before surgery she served papers prepared at the time of their divorce just in case. The $5,000 demanded was for Jeff’s support though he lived with us. Since Art had not changed the original decree he had to pay. A judgment against his earnings could cost him his job. We prayed for GOD’s help to cover it, the lawyer’s fees, and the lost 6 weeks income.

Not long after that his beloved step-father Lee died. After the funeral we went to the old two-car garage converted into a home where his sons had taken everything of value and were loading up Art’s mother’s piano he’d learned to play on. Reminded of that, they left it behind. We sifted through the pile left for Goodwill hoping to find a few mementos. There in an old WWII army issue canteen Jeff found $5,000. Brothers Bob and Art exclaimed, Lee and Mom were always stashing money in hiding places like this! In the freezing compartment of the dilapidated icebox we found another $5,000 wrapped in parcels of foil. Knowing their step-dad’s love for them they believed it was his way of providing for them. Those funds covered both the child support and Bob's needed dental surgery. Our Heavenly FATHER had Answered their prayers!

Vision of Marriage

The first time I prayed out loud was in the church's Prayer Room with two friends. Compelled to pray for our husbands, as I began to speak, the words erupted and flowed powerfully from deep within like from an artesian well; accompanied with deep compassion. The Holy Spirit was helping me! With my eyes still closed, I had a Vision of two dark half-circles with jagged edges like a color-book drawing of a split Easter egg. One half was on the far left of a white backdrop and the other at the far right, facing ea ch other. In my spirit I heard, This is how I see husband and wife, two halves of one whole. (Matthew 19:5) Liquid flowed out from each towards the center of the screen where it blended. Again in my spirit I heard, This is the invisible fusion that takes place with the marriage vows. That is why when there is a divorce there is a feeling of being torn apart. They cannot be separated without losing a part of themselves, or taking with them a part of the other. (Matthew 19:6)

Rain began falling on both halves as the two were drawn toward each other. This is My Grace raining down on both equally. I bring about the two becoming one through process of time, The HOLY SPIRIT explained. I thought, I know You are working in my life, but I don't see any evidence in Art's. The LORD chastised, If it takes the rest of his life, what is that to you? You follow Me. (John 21:2)

The two became one. To my amazement their jagged edges fit perfectly! Where one is strong the other is weak. Where one is weak the other is strong. The two opposites complement each other, He said. A week later as I stepped out of my car there was a black 4 solid rubber sphere about 3/4 thick at my feet. The Holy Spirit said, Pick it up. I did. He said, Try to bend it. I couldn't. He explained, That is like the strength of the union of husband and wife united in Christ. The two are one.

I was to learn in the coming years that GOD Created marriage to be Sacred; it is a 3-way Covenant between Him and husband and wife; a picture of the Relationship between CHRIST and His Church…His followers. GOD hates divorce. It is like abortion in destroying the life of that Holy Union HE has Ordained. Because the two have become One in CHRIST when they separate, their hearts and that life are torn apart. A clean break is impossible. JESUS taught, At the beginning the CREATOR made then male and female and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh, they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what GOD has joined together, let man not separate. (Matthew 19:4-6)

Before we could experience GOD’s Plan for our lives we had to face our own responsibilities in the deaths of our first marriages and ask His Forgiveness. It was then I understood why Art had not felt released to marry me for nearly 3 years, until his ex-wife remarried. That our former spouses had stopped loving us and left us for another was not an excuse we could hide behind. Broken before Him, we admitted our guilt and responsibility for the consequences of our disobedience. In humility and tears we asked for and received His Loving Forgiveness.

Swept Clean and Praising GOD!

As the Vision ended the powerful flow of the HOLY SPIRIT grew in intensity into a whirling tornado of White Light that filled me to overflowing until I feared being swept out of my body. All satanic influences from my former dealings with psychic phenomenon were cleaned out. The experience lasted twenty minutes. The prayer session ended. I was speechless and in awe. As the All-Consuming Presence of the HOLY SPIRIT slowly subsided, in one accord every cell in my body sang as a great choir, the resounding Hallelujah Chorus: And He shall Reign Forever and ever! KING of Kings and LORD Of Lords! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Swept clean and praising, my spirit was rejoicing but my mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Worship and praise of JESUS CHRIST lasted for hours leaving me in awe of the tremendous Majesty of GOD!

When baptized in water as a nine year old child I had received GOD’s SPIRIT within gloriously. But this new Baptism was so much greater! This time I was filled to overflowing, immersed in His SPIRIT. In the next three years I learned firsthand about the Baptism in the HOLY SPIRIT with His accompanying Gifts of the SPIRIT. GOD was preparing me to be a pastor’s wife!

A Mighty Rushing Wind

Art had been researching the Baptism in the HOLY SPIRIT since I’d received it. He believed there was only one baptism but learned that JESUS was baptized with both (Matthew 3:16) and that although Water Baptism is linked with SPIRIT Baptism it is also separated from it. But when they believed Philip as he preached the good news of the Kingdom of GOD and the Name of JESUS CHRIST, they were baptized, both men and women. When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the Word of GOD, they sent Peter and John to them. When they arrived they prayed for them that they might receive the HOLY SPIRIT, because the HOLY SPIRIT had not yet come upon any of them; they had simply been baptized into the Name of the LORD JESUS. Then Peter and John placed their hands on them and they received the HOLY SPIRIT (Acts 8:12, 14-17)

On August 20th, 1980 while in the motor home alone, Art prayed, HEAVENLY FATHER, if this is real and for the days we live in please Baptize me in the HOLY SPIRIT. Suddenly, despite closed windows and doors, a strong wind blew through the camper, from the back to the front, sweeping through his very being. He received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit just as it's described in Acts 2:2! He was immersed in GOD's Loving, Powerful Spirit.

The Bible came alive to him as never before! His prayers, counsel and testimony were powerfully effective. Our family soon learned to call Dad to pray because his prayers worked; and to seek his wise council because he spoke the truth calling a spade a spade and not a shovel.

Financial Lack

No matter how much money we had it seemed we didn't have enough. Art began praying for our needs, and this Scripture seemed to come off the page of his Bible, There is financial lack because you do not tithe. My House comes before your own. Put GOD to the test. (Haggai 1:7 It wasn't easy. He was tested but persevered. If we paid bills first, there wasn't enough left over to pay the tithe, and we'd run short before payday. But when we tithed first, and then paid our bills, we always had all we needed.

Led out of dependence on the money system and into dependence on GOD to supply our every need, he cut up our credit cards, closed our joint checking and savings accounts and budgeted our cash on hand. Faithfully tithing, he paid off all debts except the house.

Successful Yet Meaningless

By worldly standards Art was successful. We'd bought a nice home, his earnings climbed, he held offices in the Eagles and Elks Clubs, and was respected in

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