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Jul 18, 2017


BREAD. Simple. Easy. Delicious. This book by Nori Kirscher is for everyone who has ever wanted to bake their own bread but felt too intimidated by the task. No need to worry. Bread is not only delicious it is also Simple and Easy to make. Follow Nori as they lead you through the bare bones basics of bread baking, sipping wine while dispensing advice and cheering you on with every step. The basics of our daily bread will have you swooning at the smells and flavours you'll be creating in your own kitchen.

Jul 18, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

A self-taught chef and unabashed “foodie”, Nori Kurscher loves to cook, loves to feed, loves to eat and loves to talk about all the delicious things we choose to consume. Nori has pursued a determined path of research and learning, gleaning essential knowledge in all of the culinary disciplines and putting them to practical use in the home kitchen. By sharing this knowledge and experience with others, Nori hopes to contribute to the growing numbers of readers and cooks who celebrate life through food.

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Bread. - Nori Kirscher


Simple, Easy, Delicious


Nori Kirscher

Published by Entropy Editions at Smashwords

Copyright 2017 Entropy Editions Publishing

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Simple, Easy, Delicious




A Brief History Of Bread


A Word About Gluten



Tools Of The Trade

Time - The Most Important Ingredient

The Need To Knead

A Word About Bread Machines

A Few Words About Sourdough


Basic Bread

Artisanal Loaves

Multi-Grain Bread

Sourdough Bread



Buns & Breadsticks

Non-Yeast Recipes

Jalapeno Corn Bread

Scottish Scones

Simple Soda Bread






Simple, Easy, Delicious


How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?

- Julia Child

I have a confession to make.

When I started writing this book I really wasn’t sure why I was doing it.

I mean, after all, there’s quite a number of cookbooks in the world already and books on bread baking alone must number in the thousands, am I right? I look to my own bookshelves and I am already feeling the weight of all that knowledge which has informed me on my own journey learning to be a chef.

Why write yet another bread book?

As I assembled my research, lining up my carefully organized notecards on the centre island in my kitchen (which I also use as my office, which is why my computer keyboard is such a mess), I began building the structure of the book: what goes where and why. It was during this process when I rediscovered my original intentions: to make the simple joy of baking bread into something that is easy for everyone.

The kitchen is my favourite room in the house and I am most often found here. As I write these words I am sitting at my desk, enjoying a glass of wine and listening to music. In a basket next to my laptop are shards of bread baked just yesterday. I am in my happy place. Cooking should never be something that is endured or treated as a chore. Cooking is life. Using simple ingredients and easy techniques to create delicious nurturing food and sharing with others is an expression of life and love and the baking of bread embodies this most of all. Bread is life.

I could bitch and complain about how awful processed foods are (and I just might in some of these pages) but I don’t want to be a nag or a depressing kitchen companion. That’s just not my style. When I’m in the kitchen the music is on, the wine flows, laughter and delicious aromas fill the air and it is a wonderful time to be alive. That’s how I roll.

And you can too.

Bread is one of the most basic foods - ever. The seemingly simple combination of ground grains, water, salt and yeast all work together to give us our daily bread. In this book I’ll cut through a lot of misconceptions about bread

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