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Wake Up!: Get Up Early (and Well) Every Morning

Wake Up!: Get Up Early (and Well) Every Morning

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Wake Up!: Get Up Early (and Well) Every Morning

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12 lug 2017


If you, too, like many other individual on this planet, find it difficult to get up early in the morning but want or need to, this small but priceless manual could be the solution to your problem and the answer to your challenge.
Through a series of advices and testes strategies, both authors will guide you toward success, allowing you to create the ideal environment and conditions to best manage your relationship with alarm clocks giving a positive 'push' to your day.
This new edition, enriched by Steve Pavlina's precious advice, sets itself as even more effective and useful in helping anyone reach the important goal of an early wake and starting the day in a perfect physical and mental condition.
12 lug 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Andy is a fairly decent, slightly eccentric and mildly humorous chap. He is in a band that has spectacularly failed to get any public recognition. There is a rumour that he competitively cycles but is basically rubbish. When asked what is your favourite football team, he replies, “The Toronto Maple Leafs.” He tries to right the ills of society to the best of his inept ability. He enjoys going on holiday with his wife who is a great companion as well as a fantastic wife and mother.

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Wake Up! - Andy Jackson



To all those who will be able to make the best out of what is written in the following pages, and use it to give a positive turn to their own life.

Part One - By Andy Jackson

This first part of the book was written by Andy Jackson, who is a fan and enthusiast of efficiency, productivity and growth, author of many practical texts often published under a pen name, which have improved many people’s lives all around the world. A second part will follow, by Steve Pavlina, author and blogger equally famous for his articles about personal growth and efficiency.

This new edition, which is characterised by the combination of these two contents, should provide anyone with the most suitable means to successfully achieve the target pursued by the title of this work.


If you decided to buy or read this book, you surely want to improve your approach with he morning awakening process, regardless of the underlying reasons behind this need.

Just know that you now have in the right tool in your hands, because if you will not be able to wake up early even after reading and practicing the tips and the strategies that I will illustrate in the following pages, it will be the case to give up this aspiration and look for a lifestyle that doesn’t need such a commitment from you.

There may be different reasons for which you want to wake up early in the morning, in fact they vary from person to person, but I can tell you that in my life I had to deal with this need in various ways. I’ve been a student, with the need to attend classes on time every day, but I was also a commuter who had to endure long journeys to get at work on time, and I even had night shift jobs that forced me to reverse the awake/sleep cycles for several months.

When I finally managed to arrange a lifestyle where I had the freedom to wake up at any time I wanted, I discovered that waking up early was one of the tricks to be more productive and full of energy every day, and reach the end of the day with a feeling of priceless satisfaction.

At all the different stages of my life, I have studied and practiced various strategies, but above all I’ve learned to recognize and adopt some good habits that allowed me to move up the awakening time, and get up early every day, easier and more painlessly, making this habit, too, the source of multiple advantages.

Yes, because after all, there’s got to be a reason if among the habits of successful people, which we can now read in dozens of articles on the Web, the one of waking up early in the morning is ubiquitous.

And it doesn’t matter if you already have a commitment that obliges you to do so or you do it against your will (as it often happens), because thanks to the information you will find in this book you’re going to change a tiring necessity into a satisfying experience that will enrich your existence and will allow you to improve it in unexpected ways.

Whatever your current condition is, then, follow me through the next pages and adopt those strategies you think are best suited to your current lifestyle in order to get, as an outcome, what you really aspire to. And if my advices will be useful to you, don’t forget to write a positive review and/or vote if you have purchased this book from a website that allows you to do so. In this way, you will help many other people discover it and improve their own lives.


Before talking about a good awakening, it is absolutely necessary to talk about a good sleep. Don’t let yourself be tempted to skip this chapter as the information you’ll find here may prove basic to understand any mistakes you are making. Mistakes that are, consequently, preventing you from getting the results you desire.

Waking up

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