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Leading Virtual Teams (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series)

Leading Virtual Teams (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series)

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Leading Virtual Teams (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series)

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Jul 12, 2016


Leading any team involves managing people, technical oversight, and project administration, but leaders of virtual teams perform these functions from afar. Leading Virtual Teams walks you through the basics of:

  • Connecting your people to each other--and to the team’s mission
  • Surmounting language, distance, and technology barriers
  • Identifying and using the right communication channels

Don't have much time? Get up to speed fast on the most essential business skills with HBR's 20-Minute Manager series. Whether you need a crash course or a brief refresher, each book in the series is a concise, practical primer that will help you brush up on a key management topic. Advice you can quickly read and apply, for ambitious professionals and aspiring executives--from the most trusted source in business. Also available as an ebook.

Jul 12, 2016

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Leading Virtual Teams (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series) - Harvard Business Review

Leading Virtual Teams

Get up to speed fast on essential business skills. Whether you’re looking for a crash course or a brief refresher, you’ll find just what you need in HBR’s 20-Minute Manager series—foundational reading for ambitious professionals and aspiring executives. Each book is a concise, practical primer, so you’ll have time to brush up on a variety of key management topics.

Advice you can quickly read and apply, from the most trusted source in business.

Titles include:

Creating Business Plans

Delegating Work

Difficult Conversations

Finance Basics

Getting Work Done

Giving Effective Feedback

Innovative Teams

Leading Virtual Teams

Managing Projects

Managing Time

Managing Up

Performance Reviews


Running Meetings

Running Virtual Meetings

Virtual Collaboration

Leading Virtual Teams

Hold people accountable

Build trust

Encourage collaboration


Boston, Massachusetts

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ISBN: 9781633691452

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Leading a virtual team presents a special set of challenges whether you have one team member abroad or several people working remotely. How do you ensure accountability when you don’t see your people every day? How do you get them to communicate effectively when time zones, language barriers, and a host of complicated technologies conspire against your team? Distance poses difficulties, but you can overcome these problems and turn them into your advantage. Leading an effective virtual team is possible—and this book will give you quick tips and strategies for managing people productively, no matter where your team is scattered.

Leading Virtual Teams walks you through these important basics:

• Ensuring you have the right mix of skills and abilities on your team for remote work

• Assessing and meeting your team’s technological needs

• Clarifying the goals, processes, and norms you’ll use to communicate and collaborate with your team from afar

• Regulating the myriad messages and media that enable your team members to work together apart

• Keeping your people motivated, engaged, and accountable despite the distance

• Surfacing and resolving conflict when you can’t always see how people are working together


What Is a Virtual Team?

Why use virtual teams?

What are the key challenges?

Get the Right People on the Team

What’s important on a virtual team?

Tweak an existing team

Assemble a new team

Manage the Technology

Assess needs and resources

Seek input

Set up a team site

Establish rules for technology use

What to do when technology fails

Get to Work

Launch the team

Create a shared vision

Define common expectations

Align priorities

Build rapport and trust

Keep people engaged

Communicate Effectively

Pick the right channel

Work around time zones and linguistic and cultural barriers

Avoid communication fatigue

Find the right balance

Cope with Common Problems

Evaluate performance from a distance

Maintain accountability from afar

Manage conflict on a virtual team

Learn More



Leading Virtual Teams

What Is a Virtual Team?

What Is a Virtual Team?

How do you get your people to

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  • (4/5)
    Nice primer for leading virtual teams..acts as a good ready reckoner