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Knitted Toys: 20 Cute and Colorful Projects

Knitted Toys: 20 Cute and Colorful Projects

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Knitted Toys: 20 Cute and Colorful Projects

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Jul 20, 2016


"The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the illustrations are inspiring and helpful. The book comes with all the basic know-how you need to create and put the toys together. This gem of a book will be a great addition to every knitter's shelf." —Books Are Cool
Create a teddy bear, propeller plane, Russian doll, fire engine, and other cuddly toys with this easy-to-follow book. Knitters will treasure this guide to crafting 20 fanciful toys that appeal to boys and girls alike. Toys range from such traditional items as a bunny and a puppy to winsome versions of more unusual animal companions ― a snake, bumblebee, mouse, caterpillar, and other endearing creatures.
There are step-by-step directions for each of the toys — several with bonus accessories to knit — as well as color photographs of the completed projects. Suitable for knitters at all levels of experience, these toys make wonderful gifts and cherished keepsakes.
"Jody Long's first knitting book is a grand-slam! This book is everything a knitter wants in a book of patterns. I highly recommend this book." — writekni
"A great book for any experienced knitter who wants a wide variety of toy patterns." — Robin Knits

Jul 20, 2016

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Knitted Toys - Jody Long

This book is dedicated to:

My Nan Josephine Stenning, Pauline Bond, and Linda O’Farrell for teaching me to knit. I couldn’t have done this without you three!


Copyright © 2016 by Jody Long

All rights reserved.

Bibliographical Note

Knitted Toys: 20 Cute and Colorful Projects is a new work, first published by Dover Publications, Inc., in 2016.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Names: Long, Jody, 1984– author.

Title: Knitted toys : 20 cute and colorful projects / Jody Long.

Description: Mineola, New York : Dover Publications, 2016.

Identifiers: LCCN 2016017768 | ISBN 9780486802886 (paperback) | ISBN 0486802884 (paperback)

Subjects: LCSH: Knitting—Patterns. | Soft toys. | BISAC: CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Needlework / Knitting. | CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Stuffed Animals.

Classification: LCC TT829 .L64 2016 | DDC 745.592/4—dc23 LC record available at

Manufactured in the United States by RR Donnelley

80288401 2016



Needle Conversion


Artie the Airplane

Buzzy the Bee

Colin the Caterpillar

Dippy the Duck

Dottie the Ladybug

Freddie the Fire Engine

Henry the Hedgehog

Jacob the Bear

Marvin the Mouse

Mrs. Hopper the Rabbit

Ollie the Octopus

Percy the Pig

Primrose the Nighttime Teddy

Rio the Fish

Rosie the Dolly

Ruby the Russian Doll

Rusty the Puppy

Samuel the Snake

Sebastian the Starfish

Squishy Beach Balls


Yarn Suppliers

About the Author


Knitted toys are the nicest kind of all, ideal for young children as they are soft, comforting, and washable. They are easy to make and fun to give, and will provide hours of playtime fun. Some parts of the toy can be knitted in the child’s favorite colors. Each toy has its own personal character and by changing facial expressions or colors, new characters will develop, giving a never-ending list of things to make. All of the toys featured in this book are made from double knitting yarn and require 3.5oz/100g of any one color or less.

Toy Safety

All toys should be stuffed with nonflammable, washable stuffing. Always make sure that the toy is safe for the child who will receive it. Remember that very small toys are not suitable for babies and toddlers, because they could present a choking hazard.

Children under three years of age should not be given any toy that has small pieces which may be easily swallowed. When making toys, ensure that all pieces are securely sewn together and fastened firmly in place as instructed.

Never use buttons for eyes or decorations as they can easily come loose. Always embroider the faces and details as described in the instructions. A few of the toys in this book also use plastic drinking straws for strengthening parts; never be tempted to use pipe cleaners as these have sharp wire inside of the chenille coating. Some of the toys use cardboard in order to shape or flatten the toy/accessory; therefore these toys are not washable. If you prefer a toy that is fully washable, then make up the pattern as given and replace the cardboard with toy stuffing.

Choosing Yarn

Always use machine washable yarn as this generally keeps its shape and color well. Bear in mind that because toys are well loved and played with, they get dirty very quickly and may need frequent washings. Acrylic yarns are recommended because they are reasonably priced, machine washable, keep their color well, and come in a huge range of attractive shades.

If you are going to make several toys, the larger balls of yarn generally work out cheaper. Always check your tension when starting a toy and should you use more than one brand of yarn, check the tension on the new brand.

Yarn Information

Stylecraft Special Double Knit 3.5oz/100g ball, 100% Premium Acrylic, 322y/295m.

What if I can’t find Stylecraft Yarns at my local yarn store?

The great thing about using acrylic yarns is most major yarn manufacturers make their own lines of acrylic, so if Stylecraft cannot be found, many alternatives are available within the market. You may wish to seek advice from your local yarn store, or read the How to Substitute a Yarn section below. Some alternative acrylic yarns are Lion Brand, Red Heart, or Plymouth Yarn.

How to Substitute a Yarn

Throughout this book, Stylecraft Special Double Knitting was used, which has a weight of 3.5oz/100g per ball, and a yardage of 322/295m. It is extremely simple to find a substitute yarn by using this simple equation. If the toy you’re going to knit takes 3.5oz/100g of yarn in Stylecraft Special Double Knitting, which has the yardage of 322/295m, and your new substitute yarn has a yardage of 197/180m, you will need to divide the recommended yarn yardage 322 by the new yarn of 197 = 1.63 balls. As you can’t buy part balls, you will need to buy two balls of the new substitute yarn to obtain the amount needed for your toy. I recommend always substituting with the same or similar weight yarn to avoid problems.

Amount of Yarn

The main color of any toy can be made from 3.5oz/100g of yarn or less, and oddments can be used for the other parts in some cases. Yarn amounts specified in the patterns can never be absolutely correct. This is partly due to the fact that tensions vary according to the knitter, but mostly because the number of yards/meters per ounce/gram varies with every color of yarn. To ensure that you will not run out of yarn, the yarn amounts given in the patterns are generous.


Pins: Always use large glass/plastic-headed pins so they cannot pass through the knitted stitches and become lost within the stuffing, which would make the toy extremely dangerous.

Sewing needle: Always use a wool (knitter’s) sewing needle for sewing up as these tend to be blunt and will not split the yarn fiber or stitches, resulting in a neater seam.

Tweezers: Can be extremely helpful when it comes to turning tiny pieces the right way and placing toy stuffing in awkward, hard-to-reach places.

Stitch holders: These prevent stitches from unraveling when not in use. Alternately, a spare knitting needle of the same size or less (ideally double pointed) can be used as a stitch holder. For holding just a few stitches, a safety pin is always useful.

Adhesive: Only use nontoxic, clear drying glue.


It is important to check your tension before you start knitting. Knit a swatch using the specified yarn and knitting needles. If there are too many stitches to 4in/10cm, your tension is tight and you should change to a larger-sized needle. If there are too few stitches, your tension is loose and you should change

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