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Fury (NHB Modern Plays)

Fury (NHB Modern Plays)

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Fury (NHB Modern Plays)

5/5 (2 valutazioni)
72 pagine
34 minuti
Jul 7, 2016


A chilling and powerful modern Medea about motherhood and class, taking an unapologetic look at the single young mum, the one already judged before she's even opened her mouth.

This is Sam. Young, impulsive, single mum. Londoner born and bred and never ever left. Sam makes her mistakes, but who can blame her?

Tom rents the flat above, the one Sam cleans. If they can come to 'an arrangement' he won't call the Social on her. You might think Tom is a monster. You might think Sam's kids would be better off without her. Someone needs to make a decision.

Winner of the Soho Theatre Young Writer's Award, Fury premiered at Soho Theatre, London, in July 2016.

Jul 7, 2016

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Fury (NHB Modern Plays) - Phoebe Eclair-Powell


CHORUS sing the first verse and refrain of ‘Get Free’ by Major Lazer, featuring Amber.

WSam is a single mother.

FShe is also a Londoner in the truest sense of the word –

MSouth of the river before you ask.

WAnd she lives in a flat that used to be for people like her, but now squeezes the rich and the confused of Peckham, as the bankers roll in.

MThe time is now, or really 2017, the moment when they decided that if two tipped into three they wouldn’t be able to sustain that figure. That child won’t exist – it will just have to do without.

FAnd thousands will have to pack up and leave because they’re just not worth it.

MBack to Sam

WWe have to introduce our hero, our woman of the hour.

FThe hour that you will spend here watching her.

WYou can imagine her how you will.

MWe imagined her like this –

WAnd we will tear her down together

FAs we all do

MAll day

WEvery day.

MThis is the bit where I tell you she stole a golden fleece, shagged a relative, murdered her father or made a pact with a god.

FBut our Sam didn’t do any of those things

Our Sam has lived a normal life,

Mas we all have.

WOur Sam was born, she went to school, she met a boy called Rob and they had two kids too

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