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For The Love of I: Inspirational Poetry: 50 Inspirations on Gratitude, #1

For The Love of I: Inspirational Poetry: 50 Inspirations on Gratitude, #1

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For The Love of I: Inspirational Poetry: 50 Inspirations on Gratitude, #1

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Jul 17, 2017


Volume 1: 50 Inspirations on Gratitude

For The Love Of I contains inspirational poetry verses that take you on a journey of discovery through shared life experiences. This book is filled with soul tingling poems to soothe, entertain, heal, motivate and make you smile as well as free your mind, body, soul and spirit.

For The Love Of I Poetry is family friendly and the gift you get from it is as unique as you.

Jul 17, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Patsy Jawo lives in London in the UK and is a Spoken Word Artist in addition to being an Author. She writes poetry for commercial brands and does motivational speeches as well as performs at events. In her own words "Poetry chose me and every day I am grateful and intrigued by where life leads me. Everything I write comes from my heart and I feel sharing my poems strips me wide open. When I write I feel energised, happy, grateful, purposeful, free and connected with everything all at the once. My passion in life is being my perfect self peacefully, happily, lovingly and with a positive impact to all. Love inspires me and I am your very own #divineloveagent wishing you peace and love always." Enjoy free poems, spoken word and buy books on Patsy’s website:  Connect with Patsy: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @patsyjawo Like Patsy’s Facebook Page: Subscribe to Patsy’s YouTube channel:

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For The Love of I - Patsy Jawo


Book 1

50 Inspirations On Gratitude

Life Cycles

As the sun rises

On the horizon

I bless the new dawn

That spawns life’s newness

Incessant beauty

A pleasant duty

So life continues

In its quest with zest

A burning fire

Of clear desire

Alive with no rest

The tree gives the shade

Honey from the bees

Scents from the flowers

The power to create

A gift oh so great

Seeds germinated

Sea life migration

Sweet bird formations

That greenness of grass

Alas gratitude

Rain that nourishes

A land that transcends

Bears good and great gifts

True health giving fruits

All useful resources


It’s all about your attitude

And it impacts the magnitude

Of what you creatively produce

That manifests as experience

How about the fortitude

The power of intensity

With which one duly affirms

Those inner desires and dreams

The full belief of existence

Must protrude with deep persistence

With a consistency so great

A vision full of clarity

Then as if spontaneously

Things appear so graciously

The full manifestation of

Divinely created desires

Techno Dude

Dude, that’s awesome dude!

Riding along with my laptop

You know I’m rocking my gadgets

Queuing up for the latest phone

I got no time to stay home

Gaming and streaming on the move

Or when I stop for coffee on the sofa

Talking and texting wherever I am

I ain’t got time for that bro

I got this girl sweating me

And my sis is so done with guys

My online love did a catfish on me

Plus old and doctored profile pics

So many professionally linked in

And not just birds these days tweet

A rollercoaster of headphones

All the acronyms, apps and pinging

Hackers, fraudsters, shoppers

All aboard the online web

Weaving the tangled web only humans can

Humble Desire

Thank you for today

Thank you for now

Thank you for later

Thank you for always being there

Thank you for all you give me

My divine supply of all good and great things

That which is mine by divine right

Sorry for all that I did

Sorry for not listening

Sorry for not forgiving

I have learnt many lessons

I now

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