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Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil

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What comes to mind when you see someone who is fat (no offence intended) taking oily food? For many people, the first thing that may cross their mind is that the reason the person is fat is probably because of taking food that is high in fat. Well, but have you stopped to think that the person could actually be taking such kinds of foods to actually lose some fat? If you’ve never thought about it in that perspective, perhaps you should consider that possibility! Why is that so? Isn’t it plain simple that eating fat makes you fat? Well, not at all. Here is why.

Not all oils are created equal. Some are more superior to others in terms of what they can really do to your body and health in general. Some oils have been reported to increase the risk of diseases while others actually protect you from the very diseases. This is where coconut oil falls. Also known as copra oil, coconut oil, just as the name suggests, is healthy fatty oil extracted from coconut. Studies have shown that coconut oil may probably be one of the best oils in the world, not just for cooking but because the list of things it can do is amazingly long; this ranges from making beauty products to providing a solution to an almost declared world epidemic: obesity.

For women in particular, coconut oil is literally everywhere (and you can include it in literally every aspect of your life); from hair care products (e.g. shampoo, moisturizer, detangler etc) to skin care products and personal hygiene products and a lot more. That’s not all; you can use it for weight loss, dental care (as a mouth wash), nail care, make up remover, as an anti aging solution, and a wide array of health and beauty benefits as woman. If you are wondering how to make the most of coconut oil, this book will introduce you to coconut oil and how you can use it to your benefit as a woman.

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