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Essential Oils: Ultimate Essential Oils Guide with 48 Useful Essential Oils Recipes! Great Tips on How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, Healthy Lifestyle and for Home Cleaning

Essential Oils: Ultimate Essential Oils Guide with 48 Useful Essential Oils Recipes! Great Tips on How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, Healthy Lifestyle and for Home Cleaning

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Essential Oils: Ultimate Essential Oils Guide with 48 Useful Essential Oils Recipes! Great Tips on How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, Healthy Lifestyle and for Home Cleaning

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Jun 19, 2017


Essential Oils Guide is the quintessence of guidebooks to learn about the great many uses for essential oils.  Ranging from recipes to household cleaning, Essential Oils Guide is an eBook that you’ll refer to as an “owner’s manual” of essential oils reference material. It will be a download you’ll never regret and one that you’ll recommend to friends, family, and colleagues.  

The essential oils phenomenon has changed the way many people live their lives and go about the regular tasks of the day.  Whether it be cleaning, cooking, aromatherapy, or creating a new lifestyle, essential oils can be a catalyst for success across the board - and Essential Oils Guide will help you along the way.  You will learn unique approaches to the essential oils craze, and you’ll walk away feeling better about yourself and your plans for the future.

By investing in Essential Oils Guide, you’re investing in your future.  Essential oils can aid in the process of developing healthier lifestyle choices, obtaining chemical-free healing sources, and some of the products that can be made with essential oils is nothing short of amazing and you will learn all about them right here in Essential Oils Guide.  

Whether it be using essential oils to clean windows, soften fabrics, to create soaps and perfumes, this book will show you how you may very well be at the beginning of something truly amazing.

In this book, you will learn:

-The origins of essential oils

-Unique recipes for essential oils

-How to use essential oils and determine which oils for aromatherapy

-Essential oils as a guideline for healthy living

-Dangers of natural essential oils

Jun 19, 2017

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Essential Oils - Katherine Hicks



Welcome to the essential oils trek!  It will be challenging, but it will be well worth the effort. Thank you for downloading Essential Oils Guide!  You are going to love this adventure.

There was a time when alternative medicine and alternative solutions were frowned upon as witch doctoring.  Some of that sentiment still lingers in our culture. However, aromatherapy, organic foods, chemical-free soaps, and even raw, natural honey are all rising in popularity primarily because of the efficacy of each.  Within the confines of this eBook, you will find the keys to unlocking the secrets to using essential oils for a multitude of purposes. 

For literally thousands of years, many of the oils and herbs you’ll read about in this eBook have been used as legitimate and effective alternatives to chemical administration.  Whether it be the ancient Egyptians, ancient Rome, or contemporary aromatherapy, essential oils have been an integral part of the life of virtually every generation. 

You’re probably already excited about the opportunities that essential oils will bring to your life and this eBook is going to educate you, stimulate you, and motivate you!  Once you’ve begun using essential oils for a myriad of uses as an alternative to chemical-based products, it will become easier and easier to use and when you begin to see changes in your lifestyle and emotional state, you’ll be thankful that you picked up this eBook.

Note:  It is important that any change in diet, the addition of essential oils for medicinal purposes, or therapeutic treatments should be approved by your primary care physician.  If you are going to ingest oils, you should make sure that you are purchasing food grade oils. Some oils are geared more toward aromatherapy. Although they smell nice and they can add a lot of benefits, you should not ingest them. Make sure that you buy the right oils (food or pharmaceutical grade) if you are going to add them to your food, to your drinks, or plan to otherwise ingest them as a supplement. You’ll get more benefits if you do use the right grade!

Chapter 1 – Origins

Everything has a beginning, but not everything has an end.  Human life has a beginning and in some religious expressions, there will be an everlasting existence.  Flowers grow, blossom, and when they die, their seeds produce more of the same, leaving a legacy for that plant.  What truly matters in our virtually insane culture is what happens between the two points: life and death.  In other words, how we live and how our lives reflect on others is the true measure of the human experience.

Throughout the history of humanity, we have been on a quest for better lives however we can manage to find them. That has included the desire for healing, for peace among nations, and for more fulfilling relationships with one another in a very intimate sense.  Instinctively, we search out and attempt to create things that can improve our lives and make us feel whole when the answers and the things needed to fill that void are all around us.  It has gotten to such an extreme that pharmaceutical and chemical companies have taken it upon themselves to provide their own brand of solutions.  These solutions include odd little creations such as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), barbiturates, lobotomies, Viagra, Olestra, Splenda, and much of it has caused the demise of many small, family farms.  We allow pollutants into our water and in our air. Then, we sit back and wonder why asthma and childhood cancer seem to be on the rise.

Not all of the solutions from science have been bad, however.  Vaccines for debilitating diseases have been found. Through many other scientific discoveries, we now have access to antibiotics and antivirals that can treat illnesses and in some cases, save lives.  The medical profession is changing , but the industry is taking a long, hard look at natural solutions.

All around us for countless millennia, there have been natural, safe alternatives for healing, for emotional and spiritual wellness.  Our ancestors passed down the recipes for healing balms, natural antibiotics, organic sources of vitamins, as well as magnificent flavor enhancers, spices, and other supplements from generation to generation.  Flowers provide aromas as well as healing properties, for example. 

The use of oils from plant material has been documented to be a part of everyday life since approximately 3500 BC.  Its genesis was found in Egypt; essential oils were being used as a cleanser for the human body while living. On the other end of the spectrum, they were used to embalm the dead.  As morbid as that may seem, it was a natural, odor-eliminating way to preserve their dead for burial.  The ancient Egyptians appreciated the power and the many uses for natural oils being used for make-up, salves, and medicinal purposes.


The use of oils was, for a time, restricted to the priests exclusively because their aromas allegedly made the priests seem closer to and in line with the gods.  Even the Pharaohs used aromatic oils for prayer, war, and even to bring about love  (which may seem odd because a Pharaoh is a Pharaoh and the countless concubines should have solved that problem).  Essential oils were regarded by the highest order in Egypt for their useful and effective applications.  They were the currency of royalty and power.

As a result of Chinese medicine men in and around 2000 BC, large swaths of eastern medicine practitioners used essential oils.  Even today, the use of incense, candles, and potpourri are used regularly in various settings - secular as well as religious in China.  It spread from China to all of Asia in a very short period of time.

To the south, Ayurveda (Indian medicine application that has both a natural, organic component coupled with a spiritual element) had included a great deal of essential oils as part of their healing potions ingredients.  During the Bubonic Plague, for example, Ayurveda was

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