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Indoor Gardening: 50 Healthy and Edible Indoor Plants You can Have All Year Round

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Indoor Gardening: 50 Healthy and Edible Indoor Plants You can Have All Year Round

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It’s not very often that you run across an eBook that is filled with with healthy food tips, but also tells you how to grow that organic food within the comfort of your own home.  Indoor Gardening:  50 Healthy and Edible Plants You Can Have All Year Around does exactly that, but goes one step further and provides you with what some would consider “insider information” on how best to grow seasonal fruits and vegetables.  

You will discover the great many health benefits of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables as well as how to grow them all year ‘round.  That’s right, in the middle of winter, you can savor the sweet and sour taste of citrus fruit while everyone else is at the grocers, picking from genetically modified organisms.  Indoor Gardening will challenge you, excite you, and most importantly, please your palate.

There are many reasons for the growing trend of individuals and families making the decision to grow their own food, the least of which is the entertainment value.  As you will learn in Indoor Gardening, the reasons could range from health choices to accessibility and affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables right in the home.  In many cases, processed foods are being consumed at an alarming rate because they are affordable.  This eBook is going to give you an alternative.
Indoor Gardening is a book that you won’t soon forget, and it is a book that you will want to share with your friends and family.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

-Why Grow Your Own?

-Supply Gathering

-Top Ten List

-Herbs & Spices

-Unusually Useful

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