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Mini Farming: Organic Fruits and Vegetables Gardening at Your Backyard Made Easy

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Mini Farming: Organic Fruits and Vegetables Gardening at Your Backyard Made Easy

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If you have ever wanted to grow your own fruit and vegetables, have an interest in organic farming and want to take things one step further by producing your own organic fruits and vegetables then a backyard farm could be for you.

Depending on the size of your backyard it is possible to grow organic fruit and vegetables to fulfil your needs and maybe even have some to sell at your local market. There is a wealth of fruits and vegetables that you can choose from and the rewards for your work will be truly enjoyable.

Backyard farming is becoming increasingly popular and is even considered trendy among many small town habitants who all share the same aim of starting a sustainable organic garden which is respectful of the environment. There is huge demand for local sustainable organic produce and this is another reason why there are increasing numbers of backyard farmer’s year on year. Not only is backyard farming a great hobby, it is a way to provide healthy food for your family and save money.

This book has been designed to look at the many elements that make up backyard farming and the following topics are covered in depth:

- What is mini farming?

- Farming plans

- General tips to keep in mind

- Helpful routine for a good harvest

- Maximize your space

- Containers and space

- Layout and simple maintenance

- Basics of the land

- Soil types

- Building super soil

- Organic control and weeds

- Weeds in the garden

- The importance of pest control

- Composting

- Composting worms

- Healthy organic gardening

- Keeping livestock

- Livestock options can help plants

- Fish farming from your backyard

- Backyard bees

- Are backyard chickens really for you?

- Which is best, chicken or goat manure

- Get the best returns for your efforts

- Harvesting and food preservation

- Vegetables and herbs

- Native fruits

- Edibles to grow indoors

- Plants for your micro garden

- The aim of backyard farming

- Urban farming laws to change

- Backyard farm calendar.

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