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Make Wall Quilts: 11 Little Projects to Sew

Make Wall Quilts: 11 Little Projects to Sew

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Make Wall Quilts: 11 Little Projects to Sew

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Jul 1, 2017


Decorate your living space with 11 pieces of beautiful fabric wall art that will turn your house into a home. Wall quilts are the perfect place to experiment with new techniques (piecing, appliqué, and quilting) without committing to a large-scale project. And with patterns from popular designers—Rebecca Bryan, Emily Cier, Jenifer Dick, Becky Goldsmith, Kathreen Ricketson, Camille Roskelley, Kim Schaefer, Heidi Staples, and Laura Wasilowski—you have a great variety to choose from! Modern or traditional, scrap-friendly or stash-busting, there’s something for everyone in this value-packed book.
Jul 1, 2017

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It all started with an impulsive promise back in 1983. When quilting teacher Roberta Horton told quilt-shop owner Carolie Hensley that she wanted to write a book on Amish quilts, but hadn't found a publisher yet, Carolie quickly said that she and her husband Tom would publish Roberta's book. The Hensleys launched C&T Publishing from their garage, with a catalog of exactly one book: Roberta Horton's An Amish Adventure. Click ahead to today, Carolie and Tom Hensley have turned the business over to their sons Todd and Tony, who are assisted by a staff of more than 50 employees. C&T Publishing's catalog includes more than 1000 titles in print and over 300 products to inspire creativity. C&T Publishing’s list of authors includes many winners of the coveted Silver Star and virtually every other major quilting award. These brilliant authors envision new styles and invent new movements. C&T Publishing has become the industry leader for providing exceptional books and products to the quilting, sewing, needlearts, and fiber art markets throughout the United States and internationally. C&T Publishing’s staff and authors live their mission statement every day...Innovate. Educate. Create.

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Make Wall Quilts - C&T Publishing


Lazy Log Cabin

Laura Wasilowski



The Log Cabin block can easily be adapted to fusing. Making the fused block is similar to the traditional construction process except for one important factor—the overlap replaces the stitched seam.

Made by Laura Wasilowski

LAURA WASILOWSKI is a renowned art quilter, instructor, businesswoman, and author. She creates hand-dyed fabrics and threads that she sews into whimsical pictorial art quilts. Laura lives in Elgin, Illinois.


This project originally appeared in Quilter’s Favorites—Traditional Pieced & Appliquéd by C&T Publishing.


CENTER SQUARE FABRIC: 8˝ × 8˝ of a light value color

REVOLVING FABRICS: 8˝ × 8˝ each of 6 medium value colors

BACKGROUND: 18˝ × 18˝

BACKING: 18˝ × 18˝

BINDING: 8˝ × 22˝


BATTING: 18˝ × 18˝


Iron fusible web to all the fabrics—except the backing and binding fabric—and remove the paper backing (release paper) in one piece—you will need this to build your Log Cabin blocks.

Making the Blocks

1. Free-cut 1 strip about 1½˝ wide, then cut 4 squares measuring about 1½˝ × 1½˝ from the center square fabric.

2. Free-cut 2 rectangular strips measuring about 1˝ × 8˝ from each of the 6 revolving fabrics.

3. Free-cut strips measuring about ¾˝ × 8˝ or ½˝ × 8˝ from the remainder of each revolving fabric. The Log Cabin design will be more interesting if the revolving fabric strips are not all the same width. To add a little tilt to the cabin, taper the strips from a narrow width at one end to a wider width at the other end.

4. Place a center square fabric in the middle of the release paper (the paper backing from the fusible web). Tack the fabric into place by lightly ironing it to the release paper—this is known as fuse-tacking.

5. Place a revolving fabric strip on the left

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