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The Self Way

The Self Way

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The Self Way

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Jul 31, 2016


Ireland native Claire O’Kane is a speaker, teacher, and healer. Author of the The Self Way, Claire advocates the importance of intertwining the self energising life force energy with the central nervous system. Working personally with her clients in group and individual settings,
This is the first of two books on living your way the self way. Claire writes with humour, openness and honestly about her life Claire’s classes her self as a normal girl with and extraordinary skill in regenerating the body and mind of others. Having been born into the drama and troubles of Northern Ireland, claire found that her extraordinary ability, was something that she found hard to accept. The self way takes you on her journey from fear to freedom, and how despite, depression, alcohol and drug problems, she was able to turn her life around. How? by embracing the very thing that she had spent over 20 years running from, her self and the amazing self energising life force energy. Claire shares this inspirational story to show that no matter who you are, or how you have lived your life, you still have the power and ability to totally change it. Claire strongly believes and has shown, that once you open your mind it becomes your greatest asset when it is connected to your self energising life force. It is not make believe, it is reality, it is an exciting time that we live in, when the gap between science and spirituality come closer and claire believes that the self energising life force is the bridge between the both.

Jul 31, 2016

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The Self Way - Claire O'Kane



Thank to my mother, who has been with me throughout the whole journey of this book; you never gave up on me and you never allowed me to give up on myself. Thank you and yes, I learned to never leave god out of the equation. Love you

Thanks to my father, who always supported me and continues to do so from spirit. I love and miss you every day, but I know that it was meant to be this way.

My favourite brother Michael, thank you. I put you first in my thanks because you always say you’re the last to hear anything. well now you’re the first to hear thanks. Love you bro.

Michelle, thank you for helping me grow into the person that I have become, and for all the times that you held me when I physically couldn’t leave my bed or face the world. Love you

Karen, thank you. I am forever grateful for picking me up when I had fallen and taking me to the hospital in my darkest moments, I am so happy that you can now leave your mobile downstairs. Love you

Andrea, my little sister, there is no need to worry anymore, I am so blessed that we were so close in age. Thank you for picking me up time and time again when I had fallen. Love you

Abbie, Reese, Evan, Michael, Elyse and Mya - thank you for all the fun that we have and for opening my mind up to the essentialness of fun and laughter. Love you all my little rays of light.

Arthur, thank you for putting the jigsaw pieces back together, I will be eternally grateful for you, support and guidance.

Erin, thank you for helping me put this book together and for all the love and support over the years. Love you

Eilish, thank you for being the friend that I was looking for, you have taught me many things, especially about life and laughter. Here is too many more years as friends.

Alyson, I have put you here because I said that I would. You hold a special place in my heart, because with you I was able to see the S.E.L.F within for the first time.

The LA Mangas, you know who you are, thanks for all your love, support and energy. We can’t keep it in, it’s time now for us all to rise and share our message and energy. Love you all

Thanks to my family and to my clients, your support has been invaluable

Love to you all xxxx



We are often told or conditioned to believe that there are two roads in life: the long road and the short road. Both lead you to the same place, but the length of time it takes to get there is dependent on which road you choose. For most of my life I have taken the long road - I didn’t know that there was another way, and I couldn’t see through the fog of my mind, or the restrictions and depressive feelings that were the muse for how I lived my life. I have been in the depths of depression, and in the grasp of alcohol and drugs. Mental and physical abuse were a huge part of my life and by the time I had reached my late twenties, I was a shell. I was empty, broken, and tired, and I would have done anything to end the pain and helplessness that I felt. I was a shadow of the person that I used to be. I could not leave my bedroom, wash my hair, or even take a shower. These simple things had become something that I just did not have the strength to do. I was completely exhausted - both physically and mentally - and I could see no way out.

From the age of 16, I had used alcohol to make me feel more confident, to fit into the crowd, and to appear more grown up than the vulnerable, naive girl that I was. Endless nights and days of shame and embarrassment passed by, and without realising it, I slid into a downward spiral. I reached a point where I was using alcohol and recreational drugs to numb the pain that I was feeling, and to avoid facing my life.

I struggle to recall anything from the year following my precious father’s crossing of the rainbow bridge of life. Until this point, in times of trouble I could pick myself up and place my experiences in tiny boxes at the back of my mind, but this blow hit harder than I could have imagined. I found myself overwhelmed by cascading inner turmoil, overflowing negativity, and the fear of falling further into the ever-present place of negativity that I had created.

For years, I had compressed the reality of the experiences in my life, but I had reached a point where I could no longer push these things down. I imploded, and was unable to pick up the pieces.

There was no room left in the back of my mind to send my thoughts, I had reached my limit: I couldn’t pick myself up to leave my bed, and even walking to the bathroom was a struggle. I remember being curled in my bed and I knew I had the arms of my sister around me, yet I couldn’t feel anything; I was frozen.

It was the S.E.L.F within that helped me to realise that I had to learn to live, I was the bridge over my own troubled water. I learned to understand the true essence of who I was and what I could create and draw into my life.

The inner feeling of S.E.L.F in that moment, and in every moment, was up to me; I held the power to unlock my potential, or to step back into the ever-ready place of negativity and fear.

I learned to live my way The SELF Way.

This book is more than just another book. This book is a movement, to show you that there is another way besides addiction, depression, mental or physical illness. To those of you who have lost your way or feel that something is missing, I want to say, there is another way! That way is available to anyone and everyone, no matter how you have lived your life until this moment. You have the power to love and be loved, to live with a peace that - once felt - cannot be forgotten, to awaken and hear your soul song, and to stand Safe, Empowered, Loved, and Fulfilled.

I will warn you there is no magic wand, this doesn’t happen overnight. Yet just because there may not be a magic wand, it doesn’t mean that there is no magic. There is magic in the world, there is hope, there is possibility - just allow the possibility of change to become your reality. I have done this, and you can too. How? By creating the magic through connecting with the S.E.L.F within.

My wish for this first book on living The SELF Way is to not only share with you an inspiring story, but to begin to create a movement: a movement of individuals that are Self-Empowered and Living Freely. Let’s work together to change the habit of a lifetime: powerlessness. Let us be unafraid and jump into remembering The Spirit Within: are you with me?

I have created two parts to The SELF Way. This is the first of the two books, and it is designed to offer you an introduction to the Self Energising Life Force, my story, and the lessons I have learned along the way.

With love and power,

Claire xxx

Part One

Chapter One

When we are born to this world, we are born a child with everything that we need within; we do not need to search outside of ourselves looking for answers - we have them, inside of us. How we develop these answers, abilities, and knowledge is in the hands of those around us. We mostly learn our behaviours, actions, thoughts and feelings from our family and the

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