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The Trump Tragedy

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The Trump Tragedy

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This is about the current president of the United States, Donald J.Trump /aka (in my book), ‘Devious Donald’ and ‘Tweety Bird’. From his humble grandfather’s early deceptions to his father’s horrendous business tactics, to his mingling with well known ‘mobsters’, through two divorces, several bankruptcies and huge tax write-offs enabling him to become wealthy and finally emerging as the most unpopular President in the history of the United States.

Donald is clearly way over his head, following his early tutor’s instructions, the infamous mob attorney Roy Cohn’s advise, ‘to attack, to counter-attack and never apologize’ scheme and the use of ‘tweeting’, reaching out to unseen, unhappy, bitter, middle class voters resulting in his election.

His campaign and business tactics are deplorable while his lofty attitude looks down on the masses with distain, treating everyone as an enemy, as a spy and as someone out to dethrone a dictator or king. His Oval Office Presidential Orders are sent out to the people of the world without any fact checking or input from intelligent sources. He has surrounded himself with a very questionable White House gang and a very wealthy and deceptive Cabinet. The only reasonable, honest opinions come from his son-in-law, Jared and his daughter Ivanka.

He is somewhat like a bat, awaking from his cave and ‘tweeting’ lies and unsubstantiated claims during the night. He constantly lies and his appointees swear he is telling the truth. He has insulted the Muslim world, members of NATO and anyone who doesn’t agree with his ranting and raving. He has accused the former President, Barak Obama, of wiretapping his office and home at Trump Tower in New York. Donald builds walls, not bridges, raising questions about how reliable the U.S. really is.

The NSA (National Security Agency) and the FBI are both investigating his election campaign ties to the Russian government. He has pushed away both Mexico and Canada in North America and China, claiming unfair trading practices by everyone else...... His budget, immigration, trade, health care reform and spending have all come under a huge backlash, everything being scrutinized to the nth degree. He has created an aura of doubt surrounding everything he does. Unfortunately for the world at large, he is unbalanced and unpredictable.

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