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Listen to Your Colon: The Complete Natural Healing Guide for Constipation

Listen to Your Colon: The Complete Natural Healing Guide for Constipation

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Listen to Your Colon: The Complete Natural Healing Guide for Constipation

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Jan 1, 2009


Even if you've been living with constipation for what seems like forever, it is possible to heal it, and Listen To Your Colon can show you how. In this important book, colon and bowel syndrome expert Jini Patel Thompson shares her innovative and effective natural remedies for both the short-term relief and the long-term resolution of chronic constipation.

She also offers natural remedies for the troublesome conditions that often accompany constipation, such as hemorrhoids, rectal or anal stricture, or rectal and anal fissures.

Jini’s emphasis is on natural, holistic healing to address the root cause of a symptom, rather than merely suppressing it. The goal of holistic healing is not to take herbal supplements to suppress your symptoms (the same way drugs do), but rather to heal the imbalance or disease in your body that is causing the constipation.

Were you aware that long-term laxative use trains your colon’s peristaltic mechanism (rhythmic contractions of the intestinal wall) to switch off, and can also damage bowel nerves, muscle and tissues? Or that, if medication is contributing to your constipation problem, fiber supplements may actually make the problem worse rather than helping?

Did you know that there are actually two different types of constipation?
Jini Patel Thompson calls them Peristaltic Constipation and Stenosis Constipation. She helps you identify which one you have and then guides you through the different treatment protocols for each.
Jan 1, 2009

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Listen to Your Colon - Jini Patel Thompson



Chapter One

Your Journey to Health

If you’ve been suffering from daily discomfort due to constipation, it’s understandable that you’re in a hurry to have it go away - and the faster, the better! The good news is that even if you’ve been living with constipation (for what seems like forever), it is possible to heal it and I can show you how.

For those of you who already know me, you know that my emphasis is on natural, holistic healing - which addresses the root cause of a symptom, rather than merely suppressing it. And that’s what I’m going to show you how to do in this book, so that you can get not just quick, symptomatic relief, but also heal the long-term, underlying cause of your chronic constipation. The goal of holistic healing is not to take herbal supplements just to suppress your symptoms (the same way drugs do), but rather to heal the imbalance or dis-ease in your body that is causing the constipation.

This is a very important concept to understand: You cannot just do one or two things recommended in this book and hope to see the complete healing of your constipation. You have to look at the totality of the variables that contribute to constipation, and then make the necessary changes in each area: Diet, stress and emotional factors, mineral deficiency, drug use, nutrient deficiency and gut microflora.

Later in this book, I’ll also be talking about traditional medical approaches to constipation and addressing how diet can help or hinder your healing efforts. To begin with, however, let’s outline some underlying principles you need to keep in mind to be successful with holistic healing.


Many people in the Western world who have embraced herbal, plant-based medicine are still automatically using it within the parameters of Western (modern) medicine. People are using herbal and other supplements in the same manner as they use drugs - once they find a supplement that helps them, they take it every day, indefinitely. This does not fit the paradigm of holistic healing.

Proper use of herbal medicine involves using the supplement(s) to address and heal the root cause of the imbalances in your body. Once your body is balanced (i.e. healed) then you don’t need to keep using those supplements. If you continue to use an herbal medicine your body no longer has a need for, you’ll just unbalance your body again in another way.

Holistic (whole body, integrated) health is about balance. It’s not about taking handfuls of supplements for the rest of your life. Now, in order to heal yourself you may very well have to take a lot of supplements, for a number of years even (depending on how ill, or out of balance your body is). But know this: The point of this book is to help you to heal the root cause(s) of your constipation and lead a strong, healthy, natural life - where ongoing health is maintained via natural foods, exercise, and emotional and spiritual health, not by being reliant on handfuls of supplements, the way everyone else takes handfuls of pills.

Don’t necessarily look to supplement companies for guidance on this, as like pharmaceutical companies, they make their money from your illness or imbalance, so they have a vested interest in you ingesting their products on an ongoing basis. It’s worrying that medical doctors (MDs) gain money or perks from getting us to use certain medications. But likewise, many naturopathic doctors (NDs) sell products right from their clinics - while I realize this practice helps to keep the actual visit with the naturopath affordable, this arrangement hardly fosters an unbiased view of supplement use.


You need to make sure that the supplement you’re buying actually meets its label claims. Up to 80% of the supplements on the market today do not contain what is claimed; in fact, many of them only contain 15 - 20% of their label claim. Therefore, it’s important to purchase products from reputable companies who carry out independent testing and confirmation of their label claims. Some reliable supplement manufacturers (at the time of writing) are Nature’s Way, Source Naturals, Eclectic Institute, Enzymatic Therapy, Allergy Research Group, and AOR (Advanced Orthomolecular Research). However, health companies are bought and sold all the time and new owners may not adhere to the same standards of quality. You can ask health store personnel which companies carry out independent testing to confirm product quality, or, you can contact the supplement companies directly and ask them to fax you the independent lab assay confirming that their product meets their label claim.

Now, having said all that, I have also put together an online health store, the Holistic Health Shoppe in response to readers telling me of their frustration, difficulty and hassle in finding all the recommended products. I got so many emails from readers saying, I can’t find any X, can you just tell me where to go to get some? So, if you wish, you can go to: and there you will find - all in one place - almost all of the products that I recommend in my programs. I have also done the homework for you in vetting the reliability of manufacturers, making sure the products actually meet label claims. This online natural health store ships worldwide, so no matter where you are, if you’re having trouble finding the appropriate products, you can order from the Holistic Health Shoppe. Even if you prefer to source your own products, or have your local health store order them in (that way you don’t have to pay shipping), the Holistic Health Shoppe is a great place to find my brand recommendations and comments on particular supplements. I don’t always give specific brand names in this book, because companies and formulations change from time to time – and it’s far easier and quicker to change a product listing on a website, than to re-format or re-print a book!

There is one other service I want to let you know about: You’ll note as you read through this book, that I often refer you to teleseminars or issues of my subscription infoletter – Good Health Is Real Wealth – for more information on a topic. Yes, these items are available for individual purchase in my Holistic Health Shoppe, however, it is much cheaper if you just sign up for Gold Membership in my JPT Wellness Circle instead.

Gold Membership will give you access to ALL my teleseminars, infoletters, videos, podcasts, case studies, ebooks and special reports – all for $9.95/ month. We also usually offer a special one month trial of Gold membership for a greatly reduced rate, so this is definitely the cheaper way for you to go. You can find out more and sign up here: and you can cancel your membership (trial or paid) at any time.


Instead of viewing your health and healing as an end-point, it will help you immeasurably to view it as a journey. You will be much happier along this holistic healing path if you can view it as a process and celebrate each improvement along the journey - rather than anxiously rushing, pushing and waiting for your body to be cured/healed so you can get back to your ‘regular’ life. Instead of looking at how far you still have to go, if you can focus on how far you’ve come and all the improvements you have made, you will have a lot more peace and happiness along your Healing Journey. Holistic healing is a long, winding path and there are no quick-fixes or silver bullets here (like in drug therapy).

The initial phase of your healing may take the longest and produce the least ‘visible’ results because you have to build your foundation first. You have to start at the roots of your disorder and just like building a house, laying the groundwork and pouring the foundation don’t look like much, but they are of crucial importance. The added bonus to this approach though, is that if you treat your whole body holistically, you will most likely clear up other health issues at the same time.


Herbal and other natural therapies can be very effective. However, I’ve found that dosages and concentrations that are fine for most people are not always fine for people with sensitive digestive tracts. Keep these factors in mind when you’re trying a new remedy. Go slowly - maybe starting at half the normal or prescribed dose - and watch closely for any adverse reactions. I’ve received countless emails from readers who are following the guidelines and supplements in this book, but not experiencing the desired relief. When I ask them for a complete list of all the supplements they’re taking, I discover they’re also simultaneously ingesting supplements (or medications) that directly aggravate the symptom they’re trying to resolve!

I had a phone consultation once with a reader named Eric who had colitis. At the time he called me, he was bedridden from weakness and weight loss. Eric was having approximately forty bloody bowel movements per day, and could no longer even get up to go to the toilet. He wore diapers constantly, which his wife changed for him throughout the day and night. I had his wife go and get all the supplements, vitamins, protein powders, etc. that he was ingesting and we went through the ingredient list on each one. We discovered that Eric was ingesting four different supplements that cause diarrhea in people with sensitive digestive systems! Obviously, the supplements were not the sole cause of his extreme diarrhea, but they certainly were contributing to, and exacerbating the problem.

You’ll see the best results from this book if you only take the supplements recommended here in the Constipation Treatments section. Afterwards, if your naturopathic doctor recommends other supplements that you want to try, then test them one by one, making sure they’re safe and compatible with your body. Also, keep in mind that many of the drugs your medical doctor prescribes will cause problems in your body that are just as bad, and often worse, than the symptom you’re using them to suppress - pharmaceutical companies refer to this damage as ‘side effects’. So keep in mind that if you’re not seeing the desired results from these supplements, you need to take a look at what else you’re ingesting that might be interfering with their healing action. I talk a lot more about the traditional medical approach to digestive diseases, as well as how to wean yourself off drugs (if you wish to) in Chapter Five of my book, Listen to Your Gut ( For now, I’ll just say that whilst the drugs will suppress your symptoms (in the short term) and relieve your immediate fear and worry, they will continue to damage your body and degrade your health overall. Keep in mind that drugs do not heal. They merely suppress symptoms, whilst damaging the body further.

Medications that can cause or worsen constipation include:

•Narcotic pain relievers

•Certain antidepressants

•Iron supplements

Foods that can contribute to chronic constipation include:

•Unhealthy fatty foods (more on this later)

•Too high a proportion of meat in the diet (especially beef and pork)

•Pasteurized cheese and other pasteurized dairy foods

•Too high a proportion of starchy foods in the diet (especially potatoes,

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