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Silicone Breasts

Silicone Breasts

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Silicone Breasts

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Mar 30, 2017


What would you be able to do to prove your love for the beloved woman?
Would you be able to pay her a silicone implant?
You would able to do it?

Mar 30, 2017

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Silicone Breasts - Henry Harrison


The coffee

The highway police officer lifted his hand.

I stopped the car.

— Good afternoon, sir! Can I see the documents?

I handed over the documents. He checked and returned the documents. Then he asked:

— Can I check the trunk?

— My trunk? – I asked, not wanting to be nervous.

— Yes, your trunk. Can I check it?

— It's going to be quick. You open the trunk, I look and you close.

— Please.

There was no way. I got out of the car and went to open the trunk.

As soon as the policeman saw what was inside the trunk, he asked me:

— What do you have there?

— At where?

— Inside the black bag.

— Yes.

The policeman opened the bag, saw what was inside, and asked me:

— Yes.

The policeman looked again into the bag, and said to me:

— Your dog has man's ears, man's eyes, man's nose, man's body..."

— Oh, really? – I asked.

— Really. I'd say your dog is a man.

The policeman stared at me. With my silence, he asked:

— Are not you going to tell me anything?

— Say what?

— Tell me what a corpse does in your trunk?

— Actually – I tried to explain. – This car is not mine. I rented this morning. I'm as surprised as you are with this corpse. It may be that the other person who rented the car before me has put this body in

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