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A Fallible Goddess and The Enduring Sorrow (Journey Book 4)

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“However brutal, the truth is the only path to legitimate enlightenment. Consider who you are...and what you are destined to become. You cannot be permitted the luxury of clinging to delusions...whatever false comfort they might provide” The Mother Guide to Islena Doraux
After an eternity of odious cycle of recurring violence that has indelibly stained the histories of innumerable worlds in hues of blood and tragedy, Islena Doraux stands on the cusp of omnipotence. Yet, as she accepts her ordained role and prepares to ascend to the mantle of godhood...becoming not a god, but the god, Islena is beset by terrible ambivalence when confronted by two paths that seem to lead in diametrically opposite directions. Plagued by the inner demons of volatility and ambition and surrounded by those who would manipulate her to their own personal advantage, Islena struggles to decide on which future she will embrace.
With the Antiquated World in chaotic shambles and her old life permanently lost to her, Islena Doraux comes to her moment of apotheosis. The fate of every world...every parallel stream of reality...will be determined by the path upon which she elects to tread. Despite fate’s complex weave, it is the tortured and tragic Lorio who will serve as the fulcrum of destiny and bring the ever-spinning triangle of conflict to a resounding and permanent stop.

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