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Storm Front: Forgotten Forbidden America, #3

Storm Front: Forgotten Forbidden America, #3

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Storm Front: Forgotten Forbidden America, #3

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Mar 15, 2017


America is in the middle of a second civil war. Tens of millions have already perished from famine and disease as the world descends into chaos. When federal government turns to the United Nations to subdue the remaining American citizens, those states that would not bow to this new order, known as The Republic, rise in defense. Nelson and his family are caught in the middle of the contested state of Missouri. With gangs, rioters, federal and UN troops about, Nelson must face the rising storm that threatens his family's freedom.
As the storm front rolls in, the family and their friends must defend their stronghold and each other, or be crushed under the heels of a corrupt government. Will Nelson become the citizen soldier the new America needs, or will his own rebellion be vanquished before it can begin? A new defender is needed, who will answer the call before the storm comes?

Mar 15, 2017

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Watson writes in several genres. Check out his fantasy books, Thanos, his dystopian books, Dark Titan, Forgotten Forbidden America, The Bonner Incident, and zombies in The Blue Plague series and Forsaken World. 

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Storm Front - Thomas A Watson





This book is a work of Fiction. People, places, events, and situations are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or historical events, is purely coincidental.

This book may not be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in whole or in part by any means, including graphic, electronic, or mechanical without the written consent of the author except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

Thank you for acknowledging the hard work of this author. If you didn’t purchase this book or it wasn’t purchased for you, please go purchase your own copy now.


This book is dedicated to all my fans and readers around the world, thank you.


Well here we are again, and I can’t say enough to all my fans for the encouragement to pursue writing as a full-time job. I can now say I truly enjoy my work. I love your comments and questions, so keep them coming.

Tina, thank you for the work and effort you put in each book. Without you, none of this would be happening. 

FFA Cast

Jackson Family



Gavin 9

Olivia 5

Devin 10 months

Dogs- Zeus & Hera

Wolfe Family



Brittany 5

Mike 11

Wallace Family


Nancy (Gerald’s sister)

Dog- Duke

Parker Family



Alex & Adam (twins rescued) 10

Sims Family


Ariel 10

Mason 8

Kimble Family (Neighbors)




Tim 17

Mark 16

Wilma(sister in law)

Vance 16 & Emily 15 (Wilma’s kids)

Staying with Kimble’s



Prepper Group

Curtis Moore

(wife Jana)


(wife Nikki)



(wife Leah)

Holmes Family (Viking Group)

Dallas & Kathleen (* their kid)

*Sean &Diana


Cody 18, Blake 17, Kim 15, Ryan 14, Lucy 13

*Scott & Alanna

(kids) Larry wife Brandy

*Tony & Carrie

*Grant & Erica

*Jacob & Haley

*Amber & Pete

*Cara & Glen

Chapter One

Pulling next to a large bush and turning his four-wheeler off, Nelson climbed off and adjusted his AR. Down Zeus, he said softly, and the massive Rottweiler jumped off the back rack. Standing beside his four-wheeler, Nelson watched as Bernard and Michelle pulled up in a side-by-side. Pulling up behind them, Gerald turned off his four-wheeler. With all the baffling and dampening they had done to all the ATVs, none were much louder than a sewing machine. Driving along casually, the machines couldn’t be heard until they were literally right on top of you. Only if you were on paved road, could the hum of the mud-grip tires be heard from quite a ways away.

He watched Michelle climb out and pushed his boonie cap back, raising his eyebrows. Like him and Gerald, she was wearing tan tactical pants, a polo shirt with a tactical vest, and carrying an AR. Nelson, we are in the field, young Jedi. Keep your mind on the business, Gerald said, grinning as he climbed off his four-wheeler.

Fat chance on that, Michelle chuckled. He only saw me in a thirty-pound vest the first six months we met and he looked at me like that every day.

Mmm, poppa bear like, Nelson said with a huge grin, hugging her as she walked over.

Returning the hug, Michelle shook her head. I’m not wearing it again tonight, she said softly and the grin fell off Nelson’s face and his shoulders dropped, but he continued to hug her.

Oh, come on, he moaned.

Releasing the hug, Babe, four times this week is enough of the slave costume, Michelle sighed. And before you ask, no. I’m not wearing the white Leia dress and putting the hair bagels on. I’ve worn it once this week and twice last week.

Nelson just looked at her in shock. That’s not fair, he whined.

Turning to Gerald, Michelle narrowed her eyes. I’m going to kick your sister’s ass for hacking that movie, she grumbled.

Hey, Nancy did that because she loves me, so don’t even think about it, Gerald said grinning.

I liked it, Bernard said, slinging his M14. Unlike the others, he was wearing overalls with his cowboy hat but did have a tactical vest. Watching these two get out with the kids every morning for the last two and a half weeks and beating each other with plastic lightsabers makes me laugh so hard I almost pass out.

I took Nelson’s, Gavin’s, and Olivia’s lightsabers away this morning, Michelle said. Bernard snorted and Gerald’s grin dropped as his mouth fell open. 

Why the hell did you do that? Gerald asked.

Keep on, Gerald, and I’ll take yours away, Michelle said, adjusting her AR across her chest. All three engaged in combat last night in the living room. I was running for my life and two picture frames got broke.

Jerking his eyes to Nelson, You didn’t call me? Gerald snapped.

Shrugging his shoulders, Didn’t have time, Nelson said. Gavin jumped up, yelling he had turned to the dark side and grabbed his lightsaber. It took Olivia and me twenty minutes to battle him till he rejoined the light.

We can’t have another Vader, Gerald said seriously and Bernard coughed, trying not to laugh at the two grown men.

Boys, Michelle said, raising her eyebrows. We are here to get more to join our ‘rebel alliance’, so forget Star Wars now. You can play later.

Glancing over at Gerald, Nelson whispered, She’s just mad because Gavin beat her in their last lightsaber duel.

Oh, Gerald sighed with relief. They both turned and saw Michelle staring at them. I hid mine, so don’t even try to find it.

It’s beside your front door. I saw it last night when I visited Nancy, Michelle said in a monotone voice.

Damn, Gerald groaned.

Giving a long sigh, How are we going to approach this farm? Michelle asked, reaching down and patting Zeus.

Um, I was thinking like we did the others, Gerald said. Raise a white flag and one of us walks up to them.

Over the last week, they had made contact with six farms and three houses that still had survivors. None of the houses were farms, just houses out in the country. Bernard knew most of them as he did the one they were contacting today. Even though the last group they had contacted wasn’t a farm, it was on a large chunk of land about a mile southwest of the house. And of everyone they had contacted so far, it was by far the most prepared since the families were preppers. They’d had a greenhouse, chickens, rabbits and goats.

After they had contacted each group, they would set up a loose alliance to help each other. If the group needed something and they could provide it, it was given out of the stuff they had taken from the checkpoint they’d hit.  Most of the farms and houses needed staples like salt, sugar, and such. Two of the houses needed food stores and seeds. The last house with the preppers, which belonged to Curtis Moore, just asked for ammo. Curtis had his wife and two kids, along with three other men and their families.

It was the last house they’d visited but was actually the closest to the farm because Nancy had spotted them with the quad drone. Of all the houses they had contacted, the preppers were the only ones Bernard hadn’t known. The house wasn’t even a mile from Bernard’s when going cross country, and that meant crossing the deep ass creek they’d made by damming it up. Since it was the closest occupied house, that was the reason Nelson and Gerald wanted to make contact.

As they were leaving Curtis’s house, Nelson had told the others he believed Curtis didn’t need the ammo, after seeing the outside of the house and how the property was set up. They didn’t ask, nor were they invited inside, which was understandable. When Gerald and Nelson brought over several thousand rounds later that afternoon, Curtis had become much friendlier as had those with him.

When Nelson and Gerald had gone to unload the ammo, Curtis had said he didn’t need it, but wanted to make sure the group wasn’t just trying to use them. Gerald had assured him that wouldn’t happen and that’s why they weren’t contacting just anyone, only people who could take care of themselves. But he’d also explained that it took numbers to fight, and that’s why they were making contact with people.

They’d unloaded the ammo over Curtis’ protests and then told him they’d attacked the military checkpoint and had taken it from there. That had stunned Curtis and his group to the core, and Curtis and his group had immediately become supporters of Bernard’s farm.

When they’d told Curtis to start scouting around, Curtis told them he’d started that long ago. Bernard had asked Curtis to set up contact with three or four groups near him to join. Bernard then told Curtis that it had to be people that wouldn’t be a burden and that would fight. They were surprised when Curtis had said that only one had fit the bill so far that he had spotted.

Today, they were visiting Dallas Holmes, who lived four miles to the northeast of the farm. Dallas raised cows and had a nice sized farm. Bernard knew Dallas like he did the others; they went to the same church.

Walking out of the trees onto a small dirt road, Bernard broke off a sapling and pulled out his knife, trimming the branches off. Dallas is a good guy, he said, finishing his task and pulling out a white handkerchief.

That’s all it takes from me to get a vote to stay on the island, Michelle said.

Tying the handkerchief on, I hate that show, Bernard mumbled.

Careful, Bernard, that’s Michelle’s favorite show, Nelson said.

Looking over at Nelson, Bernard raised his eyebrows. Nellie likes that show too and I don’t know why. You’re not surviving, you’re being a politician, Bernard said.

I watch your stupid shows, so you have to watch mine, Michelle said, lifting her chin and walking off down the road.

Nellie says the exact same thing, Bernard said, walking beside her.

So, you think Dallas will be here? Nelson asked, walking with them. Gerald followed, but stayed ten yards behind them.

Nodding, Yeah, I’ve known Dallas since I bought the farm. He’s a few years older than me and I know he will starve to death before heading to any camp, Bernard said, holding the stick up high. Besides, he has seven kids, five boys and two girls, and they are a close family. The youngest of his kids is like thirty. Hell, four of the kids have their trailers on the land and live there with their families. All his kids are married and I don’t keep up with all of his grandkids, there are way too many.

They walked down the road for a half a mile approaching a curve. You can stop there, a voice said from the trees.

Now that’s what I’m talking about, Gerald said, slowly raising his hands. The first time we’ve come across someone who is smart enough to put sentries out.

Hey, it’s Bernard. Bernard Parker, Bernard said loudly at the woods where the voice had come from, tilting his cowboy hat back and exposing his face some.

The leaves rustled as a figure stood up, wearing a 3D hunting suit and holding a bolt action rifle. Mr. Parker? the figure said while coming out of the woods and Bernard tilted his hat back to expose his face more. Oh, shit. I’m sorry, Mr. Parker.

Bernard laughed as the figure took the hood of his suit off, exposing a young man. That’s alright, Ryan. Can’t be too careful these days, Bernard said as Ryan stepped over, holding out his hand. 

Shaking Bernard’s hand, Ryan smiled. I didn’t recognize you with that fancy vest and these other people, Ryan said, staring at the tactical vest that Bernard had on. That’s like the one Scott has.

Your grandpa busy? I need to talk with him, Bernard said, letting Ryan’s hand go.

Sure, but I hope you ain’t needin’ anything because we ain’t got much, Ryan said sheepishly.

Nah, I come to see if he needed anything, Bernard said and Ryan’s eyes got wide.

Come on, Pappy was out workin’ the garden with Nanna, Ryan said.

Ryan, like to introduce you to Nelson, Michelle, and Gerald, Bernard said, pointing at each one. Guys, this is Ryan, one of Dallas’s grandsons. I just can’t remember which one his pa is, right off hand. I’m thinkin’ Sean, right?

Grandson? You mind me asking, how old are you? Nelson asked, shaking Ryan’s hand and Nelson could see by Ryan’s eyes that he was young. But Ryan was the size of a man.

Yes, sir. My pa is Sean, Ryan said, moving to shake Michelle’s hand. I’m fifteen.

Shit, I thought you were twenty, playing football in the SEC, Nelson said, looking at the large frame the boy had. Ryan was taller than Nelson was by an inch or two but had fifteen pounds over him easy, even taking into account  the baggy hunting suit. The kid had very strong Nordic facial features with blond hair and deep blue eyes.

I play ball in high school, Ryan said proudly, moving to Gerald.

Wait till you see the others, Bernard chuckled. 

After shaking Gerald’s hand, Ryan moved back to Bernard. Come on, Pappy will be glad to know you’re alright, Ryan said, leading them down the road.

They came to a metal gate that had barbwire tied up to it and Ryan moved into the woods. Stay behind me, so you don’t step on anything, he said and Nelson looked around and saw traps set up through the woods.

Had trouble, I take it? Bernard said as Ryan led them through a small gap in the fence.

No sir, but the Snyder farm was hit by some bikers two weeks ago. They called on the CB, but we didn’t get there in time, Ryan said dejectedly.

Where’s the Snyder farm? Nelson asked as they moved back to the road.

Three miles northeast from here, near Delaware, Bernard said as they walked through an opening in the fence.

Who ya got, Ryan? a female voice called out from the woods. They turned to see another figure come out wearing a 3D hunting suit. Taking the hood off, they could see it was a girl that wasn’t much smaller than Ryan, in stature or mass. The first thing that popped in Nelson’s mind was a Valkyrie. She had blonde hair that was almost white with light blue eyes and she was very pretty. In her arms, she was carrying a bolt action rifle like Ryan’s. 

Hey, Lucy, Bernard said and she looked at him for a second before a smile filled her face. Mr. Parker! she cried and ran over, slinging her rifle and wrapping her arms around him, hugging him tight.

Is Ms. Nellie okay? Lucy asked as Bernard hugged her back.

She’s doing fine, little girl, Bernard said, letting her go.

Pappy still workin’ the garden? Ryan asked.

Shrugging her shoulders and letting out a sigh, I don’t know, Lucy said. I’ve been stuck sittin’ here.

I’m taking them to Pappy, Ryan said and walked off, leading them down the road.

Lucy followed and walked beside Bernard, holding his hand. Coming around a curve, Nelson saw a large house with four double wide trailers set up facing a circular drive, spread out over an acre. Several hundred yards away to the right of the house was a massive barn almost as big as Bernard’s, and several other outbuildings. Then on the left side, they could see a very large garden, or a small field being planted.

They were still several hundred yards away, but they could see a lot of people moving around the garden and barn. It looked like the people were weeding the planted garden by hand and Nelson sucked in a breath, seeing a massive form driving a tiller.

He could tell the figures ahead were big and tall, but the tiller gave his brain a reference. Jesus, how big is Dallas’s family? Nelson asked.

To be honest Nelson, I can’t tell right off. I would have to sit down and write down the names, Bernard said. Let me rephrase, I would have to sit down with Nellie and write down names.

No, how big, as in stature? Nelson said as several people noticed them and started walking toward them.

Letting out a laugh, Oh, they are all big. Dallas and Kathleen’s parents are from Norway, I think, Bernard said.

Seeing the group approaching, Nelson gawked in wonder as the figures continued to grow in his vision. As the groups met, Bernard moved to an elderly man wearing overalls with shoulder-length white hair. Glad to see you’re doing good, Dallas, Bernard said.

Shaking Bernard’s hand, they could tell Dallas was six inches taller than Bernard, and Bernard was the tallest and biggest person at their farm easy. Matt was musclebound, but Bernard was six inches taller and had a good fifty pounds. Slowly, Nelson glanced at the others still coming and it seemed that Dallas was on the shorter end of the gene pool he’d spawned. Shifting his gaze, Nelson saw the ages ran a gambit from young kids, tweens, teens, and young adults, all the way up to Dallas. Most had blond hair with a few redheads.

Looking around at the group, the first thing that came to Nelson’s mind was Vikings. Really big Vikings.

Glad to meet you, Nelson, Dallas said, grabbing his hand. Numbly, Nelson nodded while turning to Dallas.

You have a big family, Nelson said in shock, tilting his head back to look up at Dallas’s face.

Yep, Dallas said, letting his hand go and shaking Michelle’s hand. Kathleen and I wanted ten, but stopped at seven, he cackled.

Oh, hush, a woman said, moving in front of Nelson. I’m Kathleen, she said, shaking Nelson’s hand. She had long grayish hair with blonde highlights, but Nelson still tilted his head back to look at her face because she was taller than her husband by a few inches.

Pleased to meet you, ma'am, Nelson said.

Patting his cheek, Thank you, dear, Kathleen said and then turned to Michelle.

Turning, Nelson saw a numb expression on Michelle’s face as she took Kathleen’s hand. Glad it’s not only me, Nelson mumbled.

Feeling a punch on his shoulder, Nelson turned and found it was Bernard. Are you going to talk or you want me? Bernard asked.

Um, yeah, Nelson said and Bernard just looked at him. Um, Nelson said, turning to Dallas. We are making contact with others around Bernard’s farm and setting up like an alliance, in case of an attack.

The joy left Dallas’s face as he nodded. Yeah, we been seein’ that around here. Lucky those Army guys in Van Buren were taken out because they coulda been a heap of trouble, Dallas said.

Yeah, that’s why we hit them, Nelson said numbly and the crowd became silent.

Nelson, Bernard snapped, slapping Nelson in the chest. You and Gerald said, don’t say nothin’ about that until the group joins.

Shit, if they can make them talk, Gerald said in amazement, gesturing his arm out at Dallas and his family. Then we are so screwed, it’s not even funny.

Dallas turned to Bernard, That was you? he asked in a low voice.

Nodding, Yeah, but please don’t say anything because if the feds find out, they will kill you just because you didn’t turn us in, Bernard said solemnly.

Jerking back from Bernard, Like we would talk to feds, Dallas snapped. Scott slipped up to Ellington a few weeks ago, and they were shoving people in train cars and shootin’ any that fought back.

Dallas, that’s why we don’t tell people, because we don’t want them getting hurt because they know, Bernard said.

Patting Bernard’s shoulder, That’s nice, but you don’t be worryin’ about us here. We can take care of ourselves, Dallas said. So, how can we be of help?

You need anything? Bernard said.

A look that didn’t fit Dallas filled his eyes; shame. I hate askin’, but you have any salt? We only have a few pounds left and less than that in flour.

Sure, Bernard said nodding.

I can get you some money, Dallas said moving to turn, and Nelson shook off his shock.

Jumping over to Dallas, Nelson grabbed his arm. Sir, Nelson said, letting Dallas’s arm go, just in case Dallas took offense to that. No money. If you’re with us, then you’re with us like family, no money. We help each other with no free rides for anyone. If you need something and we have plenty of it to spare, then you can have it. But we expect the same.

Dallas studied Nelson for a few minutes and then grinned. You know, Bernard talked about those of you that come out to his farm, sayin’ you were great people. I had my doubts, you comin’ from a big city but I have to say, I was wrong and he was right, Dallas said.

So, you don’t mind coming to aid in an attack? Gerald asked, moving up beside Nelson.

Son, Dallas chuckled. We been lookin’ for some to go after. That group in Van Buren was a might too big for us to go after. Now there’s a group riding around on motorbikes we been after, but they don’t stay in place for very long.

Yeah, it’s one of four gangs around here. Yesterday, they were in Eminence, Gerald said.

Dallas looked at him in shock, then to Bernard. Yeah, we’ve been tracking them. We are fighting back. So, I want you to think about this before you agree to join this coalition we’re putting together, because we are going to be attacked just because we fight back, Bernard said.

So, you wantin’ help attackin’ these swine? Dallas asked as his face broke into a grin.

No, we’ll attack. We don’t want to risk others, but sooner or later they will come around looking for us, Bernard said.

Then the answer’s no! Dallas snapped. We either be helpin’ with the fight or not. We don’t have anyone fightin’ for us!

Looking around, Michelle said. Mr. Dallas, you have a large family. Are you sure about that? Some could get hurt, or worse.

Little lady, Dallas said, poking his chest out. Mine and Kathleen’s families came here running from the Nazis and I was always ashamed of that. You don’t run from bullies, you fight them. You may be alone and get kilt, but at least you fought. My kids and grandkids think the same because that’s what we always taught them. Why? Because it’s right. 

Gerald glanced at Nelson and Nelson shook his head. Dude, I’m not telling them they can’t fight with us. Shit, I haven’t seen one yet, besides the toddlers on the porch, that couldn’t pick me up and treat me like a teddy bear, Nelson huffed and everyone busted out laughing. What? I’m serious! Nelson said, making everyone laugh harder.

Holding out his hand and still laughing, Then, Dallas, I want to say, welcome to the war, Gerald said. What else do you need beside salt and flour?

As Dallas turned to ask his wife, Nelson cleared his throat. Can I ask? Do any of you have weapons other than hunting rifles? They are great weapons, but don’t hold many shots, Nelson asked.

Sure. Scott, Cara, Sean, and Grant served in the Army, and they all have them fancy guns like you do, Dallas said.

So, if you get more ARs and M4s, they can teach others? Nelson asked.

Why would they have to teach us? Dallas asked and Nelson wondered how to answer, and not offend the giant Viking clan.

Dallas, Kathleen huffed, then turned to Nelson. Nelson, we know how to shoot the guns the kids have. We shoot a lot and they taught most everyone, ‘cept the little ones, Kathleen said, pointing at a boy that didn’t reach her chest. He reached Nelson’s chin and he was wondering if the kid was a big toddler. We don’t start letting the young’uns play with those guns till they are twelve because they cost so much.

Um, how old is that one? Nelson asked, pointing at the boy beside her.

Jerry is eleven. He has his own shotguns and hunting rifle, but those guns like you’re holding are very expensive, Kathleen said and everyone in the group nodded.

Nelson spun around, looking at his group. Shut up, I have this, he snapped and spun back around to look at Dallas. Dallas, if I give your family ten ARs and five M14s like Bernard’s, will you gather your family so I can take a picture?

Just blinking his eyes for several minutes, Dallas finally gave up. Why you want a picture? We don’t live that far from Bernard, he said.

When this is over, nobody will ever believe me when I tell them I met a family of giant Vikings, Nelson said with wide eyes, and the group busted out laughing again. What? You have a great family and look like Vikings. That’s the coolest shit ever! Nelson shouted over the laughter, making them laugh even harder.

Michelle grabbed him and turned him to her. She was chuckling with the others as she grabbed his chin. You can be so weird sometimes, she said, then kissed him.

Come on, Nelson said, waving his hand at the family. You don’t think they are awesome?

Yes, because they have what we wanted, Michelle chuckled. A big family.

A big family of giants! Nelson cried out.

When the family stopped laughing, Dallas wiped his eyes. Oh, Nelson, I like ya, Dallas chuckled. You don’t need to be giving us guns to take a picture.

Well, you’ll need the guns to help fight, Nelson said. But I still want a picture, he mumbled.

It’s a deal, but one condition, Dallas said. You have to make a copy for us. We ain’t never had a full family picture.

Nelson turned to leave and Michelle grabbed him. Where are you going?

Duh, to get the guns and my damn camera, Nelson snapped.

Let’s see what else they need, Michelle said as Gerald moved close to Nelson.

I want a copy of that picture, Gerald said in a low voice.

Kathleen, what else do you need? Michelle said, shaking her head. As Kathleen told her, Michelle pulled out a pad to make a list.

Dallas, why aren’t you using your tractor to work your garden? Bernard asked, looking at the tall plants in neat rows.

Ain’t got much diesel and need the tractor to haul hay out to the cows, Dallas said. I’m going to be pressed cuttin’ and baling hay in a few weeks.

You good on ammo? Gerald asked.

Oh yeah, we have a few hundred bullets, Dallas said.

Shaking his head, Dallas, that isn’t much in a war, Gerald said.

You only need one bullet for each bad guy, Dallas said. Any of my family can hit a coke can at three hundred yards. Only one or two of the little ones will need more than one shot.

As his jaw fell open, Gerald just stared at Dallas. Dallas, there are more than a few hundred bad guys, Michelle said, chuckling as she continued on the list.

Oh, didn’t think about that, Dallas said nodding. Well, a few hundred rounds more should do it, and a few hundred for the guns Nelson is bringing us. We have 30-30, .308, and 7mm. We are using the .22s to hunt with.

Well, I’ll bring fifty thousand rounds for the ARs. Since the M14s use 7.62, or .308, I’ll bring eight thousand rounds. The 30-30 and 7mm, I think I can get you a few thousand rounds of each. What about pistols? Nelson asked and the family just gawked at him.

Son, there can’t be that many of them, Dallas said. We saw the new states were fightin’ them hard. 

No, sir. Trust me, there’s more than you know. The Free States formed an alliance called the New Republic. Now, what kind of pistols? Nelson asked.

Um, we only have one. A .22 we use when we go trapping, Dallas said.

Your kids that were in the Army, if I bring over some pistols, can they show everyone how to shoot them? Nelson

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