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Saint Somebody Central Catholic

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Saint Somebody Central Catholic

Lunghezza: 480 pagine7 ore


In a world primed to consider them a bunch of nobodies, one teacher sees them all as saints.John Christopher, a married father of two, tells the tale of his rookie year on the faculty of one of the oldest and least prestigious Catholic high schools in Boston. It’s The White Shadow meets Joan of Arcadia meets Nothing Sacred at the turn of the millennium in a forgotten little school full of unforgettable students.“There is often more truth in fiction, than in the day to day fragments of reality, and this book makes a Christian journey come alive in fresh and compelling ways. By the time you’re a few paragraphs into this novel, you’ll feel your heart captured by these kids. A few chapters in, and you won’t be able to put the story down. By the end of the book your faith in kids, the community of the Catholic church (at the grassroots level), and the joy and pain of real learning will be tangible and deep.”—Mary Hess, Assoc. Prof. of Educational Leadership, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN, author of Teaching Reflectively in Theological Contexts

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