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Hermes and the Horse with Wings

Hermes and the Horse with Wings

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Hermes and the Horse with Wings

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Apr 4, 2017


Zeus and the Olympians are tasked with finding a magical horse in this Heroes in Training adventure.

When Zeus meets a young boy named Hermes, he claims to have their next quest from Pythia, the Oracle at Delphi. But he wants something for the information: Zeus must hand over the winged sandals he took from Perseus after their last battle. What he doesn’t know is that Perseus had stolen those sandals from someone…Hermes! Could those sandals be another magical object?

When Hermes starts to fly, Zeus knows they have found another Olympian for their group—and Hermes lets Zeus know their next adventure will be to “find the force that sings.” Since Pythia never tells them exactly the right words (her glasses tend to get a little foggy), they figure out that they are supposed to find “the horse with wings.”

With the help of a reluctant Hermes and another new boy named Ron, the Olympians are off in search of a winged horse­—with a few surprises along the way!
Apr 4, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Joan Holub has authored and/or illustrated over 140 children’s books, including the Goddess Girls series, the Heroes in Training series, the New York Times bestselling picture book Mighty Dads (illustrated by James Dean), and Little Red Writing (illustrated by Melissa Sweet). She lives in North Carolina and is online at

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Hermes and the Horse with Wings - Joan Holub



Four Plus Four

The morning sun shone on four Olympians as they made their way through the country side of Greece. One of them, a boy named Hades, was walking backward and talking to the others.

What is a snake’s favorite thing to study? curly-haired Hades asked.

Um, animal science? guessed one of the other Olympians, Athena, a girl with thoughtful gray eyes.

"Nope! Hiss-tory. Get it? Hisssssss-tory?" Hades repeated, and then he started laughing.

Ha-ha, replied Hephaestus in a flat voice. The boy walked with the help of a cane carved with skulls and topped with a skull-shaped knob.

The fourth Olympian and the leader of the group, Zeus, frowned. "Hades, I don’t mind the jokes, but do they have to be all snake jokes?" the black haired, blue-eyed leader complained.

Sorry, Bro, Hades replied sheepishly. I know you’ve got a snake thing. But I guess I’ve got snakes on my mind, seeing as how we just took down a monster lady with snakes for hair.

Even though Hades and the others looked like mortal boys and girls, they were actually immortal, and their actions were courageous beyond their years. Their biggest mission was to stop their enemies—the giant King Cronus and the king’s band of minions, the half-giant Cronies—from taking over the world.

"Excuse me, but I believe I took down the monster with snakes for hair, Hephaestus pointed out, waving his cane. I left her in pieces!"

Athena shook her head. Oh, really? Because I was the one who tricked her into looking into my aegis so that she turned herself into a stone statue first. She patted the gold shield that she wore on her chest, covered by her cloak. Beating up a statue is not such a big deal.

Hephaestus’s cheeks flushed. Well, she was a scary statue.

Zeus rolled his eyes as his two friends continued to bicker over who had actually slain the green-haired Medusa.

At least it’s better than the snake jokes, he thought.

The four of them were heading back to a village that they had just left the day before. So much had happened in the last twenty-four hours.

Twelve Olympians had started off on another quest given to them by Pythia. She was the Oracle of Delphi, and she could see the future—if not always clearly. (Sometimes her foggy spectacles made it so she couldn’t see well, which meant her instructions could be a little confusing!) Pythia had seen that Zeus and the other young Olympians, all of them gods with special powers, would one day overthrow evil King Cronus, who ruled the Terrible Titans.

The twelve Olympians hadn’t always been together. Zeus had gone on his first quest with only two others, Poseidon and Hera. On each new quest they fought monsters and other mythical beasts. They found magical items. And they added new Olympians to their group.

All twelve of them had traveled to the village yesterday. Pythia had told them to look for hairy snakes. Nobody had known exactly what that meant, so the twelve had split up into three groups to try to hunt down the hairy snakes. Now that Zeus’s group had succeeded, they were trying to meet back up with the other two groups.

I think that’s the village up ahead, Athena announced. "I wonder if anybody else is back yet? I hope they remembered that this

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