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Fragments of other people's lives

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Fragments of other people's lives

Lunghezza: 69 pagine13 minuti


He dressed of silence and left the house early in the morning. He ran down the boulevard - clasped hands over the camera he held at chest height. Then – once reached the street corner - he stopped. He leaned his small body against the walls of a building. His name was Onafets. But no one in the neighborhood knew him by his real name. No one knew how old he was or from what part of the city he arrived. For all he was just the photographer at the street corner.

The book contains 39 photographs taken by the author (36 photographs in black and white and 3 color photographs). Not to weigh down the ebook were inserted pictures with a size not exceeding 800x600.

Born in Rome in 1975, Stefano Mannucci graduated in the Faculty of Political Science at the University La Sapienza in Rome with a thesis about the photographic production of the Institute Luce. After collaborating with some magazines and Contemporary History sites, it began to publish several essays about photography during the years of World War II, the period of Italian colonialism, the history of the Istituto Luce, trying to find in the official photographs those details and clues that describe the social reality beyond the propaganda message. He is also the author of several short stories, a short noir novel and an anthology of poems - written between 1990 and 2010 - about love, memory and war.
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