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How to Prevent Backaches through Good Posture

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How to Prevent Backaches through Good Posture

Lunghezza: 59 pagine29 minuti


Table of Contents

Checking out your Posture
Improving Your Posture – Tips
“Dancing” Your Pain Away
Painkillers And Backache
Cat Stretch and Snake Stretch
Good Posture and Height
The Proper Position of Your Spine
Best Sitting and Standing Posture
Author Bio


I noticed a friend of mine, getting up from a computer on which he had been sitting for the last eight hours, because he had a deadline to meet, and he is a dedicated workaholic, and the first thing he did was put a fist to the small of his back, give a really huge groan and say, “Oh, this backache!”

Don’t worry, you have also gone through this and so have I. That is because the majority of us have the tendency to get so involved in the thing we’re doing, right at the moment, especially when we are sitting up, hunched at our desks, that we forget that muscles can go stiff, without any sort of movement for a long time. Also, we completely forget about our posture.
So this book is going to tell you how you can improve your posture, make sure you never suffer from backache, and best of all, add a couple of inches to your height, through good posture.

A good posture is not only good for your spinal cord, but it is also going to add to your personality. But that does not mean you have to be as stiff and so very dignified, like an arch Duchess. I remember an incident, when I was young, when I stayed outside in the mountains, rather late, and reached home cold and stiff. Our mountain native servant told my grandmother, “You had better get her into a hot water bath fast, otherwise she is going to get as stiff as a board.”

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