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Episode 3: Factory No 9

Episode 3: Factory No 9

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Episode 3: Factory No 9

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Feb 8, 2017


The Orpheus Directive: Season 1, Episode 3. Factory Number 9
With the whole North Korean army converging on the factory, Ethan and his team must find and destroy the X-37B Orbiter. If they fail it will be used to deliver Russian SS-18 ICBM nukes to New York and Washington in under an hour.

There will be no time for defence.

Factory Number Nine is huge, ancient and strewn with rusting junk. They will need a month to search it properly. They have twenty minutes, and then only if Loco and Smokey can slow the enemy at the gates. One sniper and a spotter against 200 heavily armed troops. It can end only one way.

It is Ethan’s job to keep him men alive, a job he has done for more years than he cares to remember, in some of the most dangerous places on earth.

This time the odds are just too high, and to cost of failure unimaginable.

But he will try. He is a US Marine Master Sergeant, and dying to save his country comes with the job.

Feb 8, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Leigh was born in Dudley in the middle of England. He has been a merchant seaman, a (useless) electronics salesman, a programmer, and a business analyst. And now he is a full-time writer, but that doesn't make him a bad person.He is presently writing 4 series:Clan, following the adventures of Calum Maclean as he tries to avoid the Bonnie Prince but still protect his beloved Highlands.The Hellfire Legacy Series follows US Marine Master Sergeant Ethan Gill and his team as they take on the jobs too hot for other special forces. They go where they're sent; South America, Middle East, Korea, but their most dangerous missions are on US soil.Volume #1: A Whisper of ArmageddonVolume #2: The Hellfire LegacyVolume #3: The Orpheus DirectiveEden, a three-volume series -Trinity is at war with Lucid, the son of Lucifer, and he will do whatever it takes to win. The Archangel Gabriel has an army but he needs more. He needs heroes, but they are few and far between. Which is why he gets Dylan and co. Not too much luck in Heaven then.Volume #1: Eden's Last HeroVolume #2: WinterwoodVolume #3: Requiem for Eden.Soldiers is set in 1914 and follows John Regret and his 12-man squad on their suicidal mission to find and destroy the German howitzer nicknamed Big Bertha. Find it before it drops it's thousand-pound shells on the allied army retreating across France. A seemingly hopeless mission that just cannot fail.Other occasional series include:Anarchy, the 'completely true' stories of men doing what men do when there's nobody to keep them in check. Create mayhem and behave like monkeys on speed.Coffee Break Reads - each issue has 5 stories short enough to read while taking a break from life. A mix of adventure, love, disaster, and fun. All with one thing in common; for a moment they transport the reader to another world.Episode 1 of each Season is free and can be picked up with other free books at: copy the link above and paste it into your browser and you're there...

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Episode 3 - Leigh Barker

The Orpheus Directive

(Episode 3)

Factory Number 9

Copyright Leigh Barker

Published by Leigh Barker at Smashwords

Smashwords Edition License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with others, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your enjoyment only, then please return to or your favorite retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

ISBN: 9781370853304

Factory #9

At first Ethan thought they’d gotten away with it. First time ever. But of course they hadn’t. When he saw the old farmer and his wife staring at them in open-mouthed shock, he wasn’t at all surprised, it was just the way of things, always. He waved and gave them a smile while he rolled up his chute. That wasn’t going to work.

They waved back. So wonders weren’t all used up in this world. Then they turned and walked away as quickly as their old bones would allow, to report what they’d seen to the authorities. He didn’t blame them, in this country not reporting it would see them shot, probably with an anti-tank gun, which seemed to be de rigueur from what he’d seen on the six-o’clock news.

We’re on the clock, he said over his shoulder.

Maybe they live a long way off and it’ll take them a week to get there, Loco said.

Our luck, they live behind that tree, Winter said, looking up from packing away his gear. We could shoot them, he said. No, I guess not, Top’ll just get upset and that would make me sad.

Your concern for my emotional state has got me all choked up, Ethan said. Now if it’s not too much trouble, we should skedaddle.

How far’s this factory? Loco said, and slung his M40 over his shoulder.

Ethan pointed east. Ten klicks. Yonyang or some such. Didn’t you read the briefing pack? He shook his head. No, of course you didn’t.

Pyongyang, Top, Winter said.

You have to have surgery to say that, Loco said, then held up his helmet and oxygen bottle. You want I should bury these, Top?

Ethan glanced back. Sure, if you want. He tossed his into the grass.

It’s SOP, Loco said, then shrugged and threw his gear on top of Ethan’s. Do somebody some good.

You think there’s a big market for HALO helmets and oxygen bottles over here? Smokey said.

There’s nothing else here, so why not?

Yeah, I guess so. Smokey added his gear to the growing pile.

Gunny walked past the group and followed Ethan, then stopped and turned slowly. If you don’t get your asses moving, he said quietly, you’ll be on a week’s PT special when we get back. Those not killed, that is.

He loves us, you know that? Loco said, patting Smokey on his shoulder to get his attention.

Yeah, but he loved his labrador, and look what he did to him. He strode after Gunny.

What? Loco said, chasing after

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