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Pet Photography: Secrets for Taking Better Pet Photos with Your Phone

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Here are just a few questions, “Secrets for taking better pet photos with your phone” will answer.

What do you need to think about before taking a photo?
What’s the best angle to take a photo of your pet?
How do you limit the distractions in a photo that take away attention from your pet?
What’s the best way to get the proper exposure with your phone?
How do you get a good exposure of a black dog or a white cat?
Where’s the best placement of your pet in the frame? Centered? Off to the side?
What are some of the best ways to eliminate getting a blurry photo?
What is the single most important thing to consider when taking a photo?
What limitations do cell phone cameras have that traditional cameras don’t, and how do you overcome those limitations?
What are the best tools for getting good pet photos?
What are some things to look for that will change the emotion of a photo?
How do you learn to be a better photographer?

Why should you care about the answers to these questions? Because our pets are like our family. We owe it to them and ourselves to learn how to take better photos of them. Unfortunately, our pets don’t live as long as we do and having good photos means good memories can be preserved. Isn’t it worth a small investment and a little time reading to get the best photos possible of your pet? You’ll thank yourself later when you have much better photos of your pet.

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