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50 Travel Workouts

50 Travel Workouts

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50 Travel Workouts

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Feb 8, 2017


Maintain all your workout progress when traveling all while packing NO extra exercise clothes! Avoid crappy hotel gyms and additional gear with 50 challenging bodyweight workouts you can do right in your hotel room - in the time it takes to wait for room service breakfast! The workouts can be used as a supplement to your normal exercise routine, or they can be your exercise routine. Challenging, but doable, by folks of all levels, and easily modifiable if needing to work around injuries.

Feb 8, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

I like to keep things simple. Simple Man Guide began as a book to help others simplify priority number one: health. I wanted to help others eliminate body-related stress by providing a simplified eating and exercise plan. Having a body that is strong, lean, and functional frees up mental energy to focus on the main goal of life: to have fun! To help others have fun too, I opened a boutique fitness facility in New York City called Throwback Fitness with my friend, Ryan Wilke. Our mission: use recess to make life fun for everyone. We were tired of our own fitness routines, which had become boring, and well – routine. We had an idea to inject fun into our workouts using competition, so we decided to leave our corporate jobs (I was actually told to leave!) and give the entrepreneur path a shot. We have spent the last three years helping others transform their bodies (check these out!) and enjoy exercise. Being happy in my new career allowed me to analyze how I spent my time. I quickly realized that I sought simplicity in every aspect of my life, from money, home, travel, possessions, and wardrobe. This has played a large part in helping me live life independently – independent of a corporate job. I know many strive for the same, so I’ll share everything I can to help those that seek the freedom to spend their time any way they choose. If I can inspire one person to leave the corporate world behind and start building a life that makes them excited to wake up each morning, then I’ll consider Simple Man Guide a successful endeavor.

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50 Travel Workouts - Brian Gallagher


The Exercises.

Here’s a list of the exercises we are going to use – my Simple Man 12. We’ll default to the movement in the far left column, and some different versions if you want to dial down the intensity or take it up a notch. See how to do each exercise in the Demos section on page 58 of the Appendix.


Here’s a quick two-minute warmup I’d suggest doing before starting any of the workouts. This specific one can be used every single time you exercise. Perform 30 seconds of each movement, switching from movement to movement without rest in between:

a.   Jumping jacks

b.   Mountain climbers

c.   High knees

d.   Jumping jacks

The Structures.

All of the workouts will use one or more of the simple structures below.

Up The Ladder

You’ll see something like Up The Ladder, 2-4-6-8-10… followed by two exercises, say pushups and squats. You’ll perform 2 pushups, 2 squats, then 4 pushups, 4 squats, and continue as far up the ladder in the prescribed time. Your score is your last completed rung of the ladder, plus any reps completed towards the next rung.

Down The Ladder

You’ll see something like Down The Ladder, 40-30-20-10: followed by two exercises, say squats and mountain climbers. You’ll perform 40 squats, 40 mountain climbers, then 30 squats, 30 mountain climbers, and continue as far down the ladder in the prescribed time. Your score is your last completed rung of the ladder, plus any reps completed towards the next rung.


Stands for As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible. You’ll see something like AMRAP followed by a number of exercises, say 15 situps and 15 lunges, and a timeframe, like 5 minutes. You’ll perform 15 situps, 15 lunges, then 15 situps, 15 lunges, repeating as many times as possible in the prescribed time. Your score is your number of rounds completed, plus any reps completed towards the next round.


You’ll see something like Tabata followed by an exercise, say pushups. You’ll perform as many pushups as you can in 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this pattern for 8 rounds, mentally tracking your reps for each round. Your score is the number of reps completed in your worst round. For example, if your 8 round rep counts are 10,11,12,10,10,9,9,10, your score is 9. You can use a timer or stopwatch to do Tabatas, but the timing can sometimes be tricky. Here’s a timer for your laptop and another for your phone. Either of these will do just fine!

The Workouts

Workout #1

Warmup: 2 minutes

30 seconds each (jumping jacks, mountain climbers, high knees, jumping jacks)

AMRAP: 10 minutes

•   10 hand release pushups

•   10 squats

•   10 alternating jackknives

Rest 1 minute

Up The Ladder: 7 minutes (2-4-6-8-10…)

•   Inchworms

•   Alternating lunges

Workout #2

Warmup: 2 minutes

30 seconds each (jumping jacks, mountain climbers, high knees, jumping

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