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Paleo Desserts for Two: 20 Delectable and Gluten-Free Recipes You Can’t Resist Making: Paleo Desserts

Paleo Desserts for Two: 20 Delectable and Gluten-Free Recipes You Can’t Resist Making: Paleo Desserts

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Paleo Desserts for Two: 20 Delectable and Gluten-Free Recipes You Can’t Resist Making: Paleo Desserts

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Feb 7, 2017


Paleo Desserts for Two: 20 Delectable and Gluten Free Recipes You Can’t Resist Making, is a book dedicated to readers who are looking for the best ways to enjoy and share their desserts without the feeling of guilt, as well as without triggering their gluten related allergies.

Desserts have the reputation of being too fattening, too sweet and too calorie-laden, which means that having a slice or two of your favorite decadent chocolate cake or a serving of your mom’s luscious tiramisu will not only expose you to the dangers of increasing your blood sugar level, but will also make your calorie intake sky rocket in an instant. And because of this notion of desserts being one of the culprits that cause weight gain, a lot of people shun away from the temptations of taking even a small bite of that pie – which will make them feel deprived.

As you all know, the feeling of restriction and deprivation can lead to binging, over-eating, and sneaking to get a quick sugar fix.  This is the reason why this book has been conceptualized and written. We definitely understand why most people cannot seem to completely resist giving in to the demands of their sweet tooth; the same way we understand your need to stay fit and healthy. This book contains information on how to pull off making and eating desserts without the feeling of wanting to throw up of feel guilty after. Read through the pages and you will be introduced to the world of Paleo diet; you will also find out that you can make guilt free Paleo and gluten free desserts for you and your loved ones to share.

Reading this book will help you:

  • Understand what the Paleo Diet is and how it works.
  • Learn the different types of food that you can eat and the types that you need to avoid to achieve that rocking body that you have been dreaming of.
  • Discover the benefits of going on a Paleo Diet
  • Find out if the Paleo diet can affect any existing medical conditions
  • Discover new Paleo and gluten free recipes that you can try at home with your loved one.

Do not delay and download this book today!

Feb 7, 2017

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Paleo Desserts for Two - Terry Parks



Do you consider yourself a dessert aficionado? If your answer is a confident YES then you must have been one of the many people who always make a beeline towards the dessert table every time you attend a party or a gathering; you might also be one of those who always make sure that their favorite coffee blend is paired with the right type of sweet treat. You might have also turned to desserts when you got your heart broken, lost a job or failed at something; more so, you and your friends might have also celebrated special occasions over a large serving of your favorite cakes and pastries. No matter how much you try to deny it, desserts are important parts of people’s lives.

In fact, it may also be true that you cannot imagine life without it! Personally, I know I couldn’t. Desserts have enough sweetness and decadence that could uplift any downtrodden spirit; these can give you that jolt or sudden boost of energy to get you going through the day. But putting these emotional benefits aside, desserts, no matter which part of the world you are from, are just downright delicious and satisfying!

But despite their yummy benefits, desserts also have a reputation that every health conscious dread – they are known to be fattening and can contain high sugar levels that could make people really sick. But did you know that you can enjoy your favorite desserts without gaining weight or developing diabetes due to high sugar content?

How? By taking on the Paleo Diet and following recipes that are not just low in sugar and calories, but also gluten free! This book will not just offer amazingly healthy dessert recipes, it will also introduce readers to the world of smart and contentious eating by following the Paleo diet.

This book will make sure that you will feel refreshed and determined to:

Adapt the Paleo or the Cave Man Diet.

Stick to the diet and to enjoy the benefits that this diet offers.

Make fabulous Paleo and gluten free desserts for date night and even for your best friend.

So, bake your cake and eat it too – with the help of the recipes and tips featured in this book. Oh! And don’t forget to share!

Chapter 1: What is the Paleo Lifestyle or Caveman Diet?

People have always been on the lookout for weight loss regimens that actually work.

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