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Chicken: Versatile and Limitless Recipes for Every Occasion!

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Chicken: Versatile and Limitless Recipes for Every Occasion!

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No other food is as popular and comforting as chicken. From soups to salads to casseroles and pies, chicken is a favorite and versatile ingredient for anyone’s table. Country cooks cherish it, French chefs master it, dieters rely on it - chicken is a global food staple. In this report, we have provided you with an array of recipes that will enhance your use of this popular food.

You will find some new versions of old favorites, as well as some more modern recipes using newer ingredients to formulate a broad variety of tastes. There is a recipe in this report for every occasion and every table. Try them all as you treat your guests to a great food experiences.

Because it is full of essential nutrients and lacks the unhealthy qualities of other meats, chicken is a vital part of any healthy eating plan. Its low fat and high protein make up, plus its diversity, makes chicken a great diet food, as well as an ingredient that will fit into almost any cuisine.

The nutritional value of chicken is impressive. Consider the following healthy attributes of a 3-ounce boneless, skinless chicken breast:

27 grams of protein. A major building block of muscle tissue in the body, proteins also maintain other structures of the body, such as cells and bones. The daily recommended intake of protein is 50 grams; one small chicken breast provides over one-half of that requirement. 

3 grams total fat. Careful management of fat intake guards against heart disease through the control of LDL, the bad cholesterol. A 3-ounce chicken breast has less than 1 gram of any type fat, such as saturated and polyunsaturated, making it a popular diet inclusion.

Selenium. This vital nutrient is credited with protecting the body against cancer, inflammatory disease, cardiovascular disease, and many infections. One 3-ounce chicken breast provides 31% of the daily recommended intake of selenium.

Vitamins. Chicken is full of the essential vitamins A, B6, B3, C, D and E in addition to many of the essential minerals, such as iron and potassium. Each of these vitamins and nutrients protect and promote general body health and are instrumental in providing energy and homeostasis.

Chicken can be prepared by any method of cooking and still maintain its delicious taste and nutritional benefits. While frying is the least healthy of cooking methods for chicken, oven-frying does reduce the amount of fat content compared to pan-frying. There is hardly an herb, oil, marinade or sauce that doesn't go well with chicken, so the varied methods and tastes of preparing it are limitless. Including chicken in any diet is being pro-active toward a healthier body through healthy eating habits.

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