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My Liver Cirrhosis Journal

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My Liver Cirrhosis Journal

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Immediately after stopping my alcohol consumption in 1977, mysterious new symptoms arising and daily growing in crescendos of brutality and misery, the causing of my brutal symptoms, a total mystery to me, and with advancing time, also proving a total mystery to medical communities alike. My many newly emerging potent and difficult to tolerate symptoms anomalies all chronic in nature and all occurring at the very same times.

"My Liver Cirrhosis Journal" containing unique understandings of Hepatic Cirrhosis and its effective control, the direct results of my endless observations and probing experiments, incrementally learning exactly how I could successfully apply my materializing hepatic cirrhosis understandings in controlling my own brutalizing Hepatic Cirrhosis. Unique opportunities existing, transferring control understandings of Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis’s well cloaked mysterious metabolic symptoms, such developed over four decades in time. For any inquisitive reader achieving such understandings, extensive determined effort required in studying “My Journal Liver Cirrhosis”, in exchange for this transferring of knowledge. My never medically treated Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis providing unique opportunity for study and better understandings of this truly enigmatic hepatic syndrome, especially when hepatic cirrhosis is left without address, understanding or treatment over the longer term.

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