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Quilting for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Beautiful Quilts That Can Stand the Test of Time: DIY Projects

Quilting for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Beautiful Quilts That Can Stand the Test of Time: DIY Projects

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Quilting for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Beautiful Quilts That Can Stand the Test of Time: DIY Projects

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Jan 24, 2017


Do you have found memories of your Grandmother sitting with piles of fabric and thread and creating beautiful blankets? Perhaps you are just looking for a new skill that brings up  your do it yourself skills. If you are looking to learn the step by step basics of making your own beautiful quilts this is the book that you need. Within the pages of this book you will find:

  • A directory of tools needed to quilt
  • A directory of common terms used in patterns
  • Beautiful baby blanket quilts
  • Larger adult quilts
  • And much more.

This is a fully comprehensive guide to the basics of creating all types of quilts. It is full of all the best tips and tricks that will help the beginner and the veteran alike. You will be lead through the starting steps with pictures and words to ensure you have a great time learning this new and wonderful skill.

Jan 24, 2017

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Quilting for Beginners - Cassandra Levy



When someone says quilting, chances are you conjure up the image of a happy older lady stitching fabric together. While this image is accurate on some levels, anyone can become a quilter if they desire. At its most basic quilting is the stitching together of several layers of fabric and padding to create a blanket. It is nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly when quilting began, but there are samples of quilting dating back to Ancient Egypt.

Quilts have long been made for a variety of things. From giving a first heirloom to a newly married couple to welcoming a baby into the family. Quilts that are made by hand and with love will always stand the test of time and outlast anything that has been mass produced.

If you are ready to jump into the wonderful world of quilting, this is the book for you. Inside the pages of this book, you will learn about the tools you will need for quilting and some simple but elegant patterns you can make. When you jump fully into the world of quilting, you will learn that you can make just about anything that you can imagine, quilting truly is a form of art. Further proof of how artful quilts can be is found in the many competitions around the world that involve quilts from those which will go on a bed, to those which are made as art to hang directly on the wall. Once you get comfortable with the basics you can choose to make anything you like.

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Chapter One: The Basics Tools of Quilting

One of the most important things a quilter can have is the right tools. As in any trade if you have the right tools you will make a quality end product if you have the wrong tools you may not get the best result. The biggest problem most new quilters run into is not knowing exactly what tools you need to have on hand for projects.

Enter into any craft store and when you hit the aisles, you will see rows and rows of items that can make you feel overwhelmed. In this chapter, we will take some of that overwhelmed feeling away by helping you know exactly what you need when you start making your first quilt. There may be fancier tools and things you can use as tricks once you get deeper into the hobby of quilting, but all you truly need are a solid set of basics.

Rotary Cutters

The first thing any quilter needs is a good rotary cutter. The rotary cutter is the perfect tool to get perfectly straight and clean cuts of fabric when you need certain shapes and sizes. The best rotary cutter for a beginner to start with is a simple 45mm size blade. Rotary cutters can be found in a great variety of sizes everything from a small 18mm to a large 60mm. Different size blades are better for different things, the smaller blades are used for making curved cuts and pieces while the larger blade such as the 60mm is designed to

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