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Remarkable Incidents and Answers To Prayer

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Remarkable Incidents and Answers To Prayer

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Author Georgia McCain provides a diverse collection of inspirational stories that demonstrate God's remarkable ability to answer prayer, even in the most difficult circumstances. The stories demonstrate that God is the only path to joy, peace, satisfaction, and a useful happy life, as well as eternal salvation.

This collection comes from many different sources, including books, church bulletins / periodicals, ministers, religious leaders, military veterans, and ordinary people. Many of the ageless stories came from the early 1900's and the 1800's.

Numerous ministers, religious leaders, and ordinary people share their personal experiences where prayer played a huge impact in their lives, lives of their family members, and lives of many others for which they came in contact. This included the Christian conversion and incredible transformation of many of the subjects. Several stories demonstrate God's wonderful healing power and the ability to be the ultimate difference maker when things seem the most hopeless.

Several of the stories are from the personal experience of the author, her family, and her friends. In addition to stories about the author's sister's heartbreaking experience, and travel experiences of her missionary son and grandchildren, several of the author's poems are included.

Amazing war-time stories demonstrate God's role in sustaining a World War II German POW and a conscientous objector, Desmond Doss (subject of the movie, “Hacksaw Ridge”), as well as the remarkable influence of Charlie Coulson, Christian Hero Drummer Boy, injured in the Civil War.

Many of the stories demonstrate the impact of prayer throughout the world, including China, Japan, Cuba, Scotland, Sweden, etc. One story showed God's role in getting a missionary car to China, in spite of Chiang Kai-Shek's ruling. Another story is included that demonstrates God's role is assisting an excape from Cuba. A story is even included about the impact of the Irish Saint, “Holy Ann” Preston.

All entries are from reliable sources used by permission of the writer himself or by someone who had the authority to grant permission. Many of the writers were personal friends of the author

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