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One Leper's Tributes

One Leper's Tributes

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One Leper's Tributes

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Apr 24, 2016


A dot on the map is what we are here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean
A spark was triggered, an engine ignited, a drive keenly focused was set ablaze on this island
An opportunity was created for Caribbean Christian personnel who are writers, poets, or have something uniquely special to share with the world
A heart of admiration and a soul filled with gratitude exclaims highest appreciation to these channels of GOD

Seven Mediums of Motivation, Seven Inspirational Influencers, Seven – the number of completion
You have yours, these seven are mine; so I pen words to say thanks; I’m that leper that returns, from a distant land
I chose poems to express the depth of my gratefulness to these icons of legend – my influencers
For sharing thoughts and concepts that awoke my consciousness, so that now there’s clear purpose on all my endeavors

So for being well-read, and for preparing so well, and for being up late and early most days – thank you
For delivering with excellence messages so convincingly potent via your platforms and works – thank you
This lone leper who has fed from the fruit of his distant influencers has returned to say, “Thank You”
The Holy Spirit led me to you for input so I can best do what GOD wills and inspires me to do

Apr 24, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Curtis W A Williams of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean, is an educator; a creator of content communicated via being written, spoken, and sung; and a radio personality for JESUS, humanity, and meaning... "Significance"Curtis focuses on interventional messages of CORININAR - CORrection, INstruction, INtrospection and Appeal in Righteousness...toward divine and personal transformation. He catalyzes the unveiling of personal clarity, purpose, and destiny. The passion felt in his works will spark, ignite, and drive you to decisively DECIDE to launch YOU, then to DO IT, with focused excellence and persevering commitment... "To Live"Curtis' aim is to renew your mind for you to actualize your purpose's importance and reach, your life's fulfillment, and your multi-generational influence... "Your Legacy"Curtis W A Williams' Significance is for YOU To Live Your Legacy.

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One Leper's Tributes - Curtis W A Williams

ONE Leper’s Tributes

Curtis W A Williams

Published by WORDThrone eWorks at Smashwords

Copyright © 2015 Curtis W A Williams


Introduction: One Leper’s Tributes

Michael Hyatt – Coach

Myles Munroe – Mentor

Noel Jones – Preacher

Claudius Morgan – Trainer

Brendon Burchard – Inspiration

T D Jakes – Teacher

Les Browne – Motivator

Curtis W A Williams Influencers’ Links

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Who Is Curtis W A Williams?

The Caribbean Outlook of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, West Indies.

Introduction: One Leper’s Tributes

This lone leper has returned to his influencers simply to say, Thank You

The Holy Spirit led me to you for input so I can best do what He wills and inspires me to do

For years I’ve learnt from you, thousands of miles away, and could never repay

So today I write to you

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