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Detox Today: Healthy Weight Loss and Delicious Cleansing Recipes!

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Detox Today: Healthy Weight Loss and Delicious Cleansing Recipes!

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Today, a detox diet plan is one of the most popular ways of balancing the body’s digestive system while losing unwanted pounds at the same time. This report focuses on providing delicious and cleansing recipes which will support its food-based approach to dieting.

In these pages, you will find dishes free from off-limit foods, such as sugar and dairy. We’ve also made it simple to select dishes by listing them in meal categories. As usual, many of our selections may be used in different meals with some offering variations of ingredients. We’ve even included a list of foods you may have, just in case you want to develop recipes of your own that will fit into the diet.

Cleansing is important to our overall health. Get started today by preparing one or more of the delicious recipes included in this report.

Why do we need to detox our bodies? Because, our bodies are subject to poisons, pollutants and other toxins on a regular basis. We intake these toxins from the chemicals used to grow food and the air we breathe, plus many other sources with which we interact daily. These impurities affect the quality of our lives because they promote disease and reduce our energy levels. By detoxing with a reliable diet plan, we eliminate most of these toxins and get our bodies back on the road to optimal health.

One of the best things about following a detox diet plan is that there is no limit to the amount of food taken in. We don’t have to worry about portion control, although we don’t want to become gluttons, either. There are, however, many foods are not allowed at all. They are:

Dairy products
Foods that contain gluten 
Fried foods
Processed foods

Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and anti-inflammatory foods, such as wild salmon and green tea are plentiful in a detox diet plan. Typically, a detox diet will begin the day with a glass of lukewarm lemon water before breakfast, a liquid breakfast or one that includes either fruit or certain cereals, followed by a full meal at lunch and a light meal at dinner. Any grains or grain-products must be gluten-free.

Besides what you eat, consistent exercise and effective bathroom habits are paramount to a successful detox diet. Additionally, you must drink a minimum of eight glasses of water each day, and eat slowly, always being careful to chew food well. It is also advisable to take calcium and multi-vitamin supplements to ensure proper nutrition.

Some people prefer following a detox diet for seven days just to cleanse the body of toxins; other people remain on the diet for up to thirty days in order to detox and lose weight. Still others use the diet for some number of days between a week and a month. Each person should decide which plan works best for him or her, but always with the advice of a health care professional. 

It is best to prepare yourself for a detox diet plan by reducing your intake of non-allowed foods for three days in advance of beginning the diet. For instance, reduce your caffeine intake by gradually substituting half of a cup of regular coffee with decaffeinated coffee until your entire cup is decaffeinated. Eliminate sugar by gradually switching to a natural sugar substitute, such as those from the stevia plant. 

Detoxing your body has many positive effects on the physical condition of your body, as well as your overall health. Your energy level will rise and your entire body will come into balance.

Pick up your copy today... you'll be glad you did!

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