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With a Lemon in Your Hand: How Lemons Can Keep You Healthy and Beautiful

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With a Lemon in Your Hand: How Lemons Can Keep You Healthy and Beautiful

Lunghezza: 55 pagine26 minuti


Table of Contents

Knowing Your Lemons
Insomnia and Fever
Beauty Products from Lemons
Making Pure Rosewater
Natural Hair Conditioner/Nourishing Oil with Lemons
Unblemished Skin
Making a Skin Nourishing Cream
Author Bio


A couple of years ago I wrote a book upon the magic of lemons, telling people about how lemons have been used down the edges to keep people healthy, as well as beautiful.

This book is going to give you a large number of tips on what you can do with the lemon in your hand. You are going to be surprised that in ancient times, in places where lemons were plentiful, lemons were used to make natural beauty products, as well as in medicine, apart from being used extensively in cuisine as an agent to impart a sour flavor to the dish cooked, in place of vinegar.

According to ancient medical sciences, nature has already programmed human bodies to cure themselves naturally, with the passing of time. Nevertheless, they used herbs, vegetables, and spices as natural medicines to support and encourage the healing process. Once they began to be used for healing, they were then used for cooking.
Lemons, grown in the places where they were native, were used to boost up the human immune system and to keep one healthy, throughout one’s lifetime. In ancient medicine, it was supposed that a lemon was capable of curing you from scalp to toenail.

If you want to know more about how you can plant lemons in your garden, and their types, you will like this book – The Magic of Lemons - found here:
The various medical uses to which a lemon has been used down the ages is the reason why it is scientifically called Citrus Medica. A lemon is able to cure diseases from anemia to viral diseases.

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