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The Teacher's Words

The Teacher's Words

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The Teacher's Words

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Jan 3, 2017


Notes from the Author
In this book
You will learn the spiritual meaning behind words to help you better understand the language of Christ and his kingdom. You will learn how to choose words, and use words wisely before speaking, and while speaking or preaching. Some topics and concepts maybe repeated to add emphasis on a specific matter. At the end of each chapter you will find a section that is entitled word study for small groups and these are word messages that I have preached among the people they are anointed words from Christ and have been released into the atmosphere for your benefit. Please feel free to study them or preach them. If they distract you from your reading flow feel free to bypass them and revisit them at your own convenience, as I stated before they are there for your benefit as you need them. I truly hope that this book blesses and empowers you to preach the mighty Word of the Lord, in name of Jesus Christ the Word, and I am looking forward to growing with you and this literary journey!
Jan 3, 2017

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The Teacher's Words - Delvaris Booker


A word of Introduction

Code Words

Christ The living Word speaks in codes, and hides history and mysteries behind words so that the gospel or the goodness of God is concealed from those that do not believe. Who would give a robber and thief the code to his safe? God has given his children the key to his word so that we can unlock the mystery of eternal life through the language that was spoken from heaven before the physical earth began.

To describe Words

In order to give you a better understanding of a word we will describe it by breaking it apart word we will subtract or break the word down and then we will add it back together and then give you the sum of the word or the whole word.

Example: The word describe is two words combined de+scribe=describe

The word de as the prefix of a word means to undo as in the word destruction    de+instruction=destruction. The word destruction means to undo instruction, and the word instruction means to be in+structure=instruction. That is how you will see us describing words throughout this book.

As we said earlier the word de means to undo and the word scribe means to write so we want to undo what was written by the scribes and Pharisees. Even still today the enemies of Christ are still the scribes they are people who write books, and movie scripts that deny the Christ so our job is to undo their works with our literature.


The word of God is inscribed in our hearts so that the scribes who deny Jesus could never blot out his handwriting even if they took away the physical bible.


Christ prescribed his word as the medication, to every sickness in life, whether it be spiritual, physical, emotional, financial or social Christ words are the prescription that we need to take. The word pre means before so before the world began Christ had our prescription filled.


The word subscribe is two words subjection + scribe= subscribe so to in order to see the words of Christ performed we must bring ourselves under the subjection of their authority. We when we subscribe or get a magazine subscription we receive an issue of what has been written at the same appointed time such as daily, weekly or monthly. The bible is a lifelong subscription we receive an issue daily which is why we say give us this day our daily bread also meaning or daily issues of what you have written, and we need to subject ourselves to what Christ has written.

In so many words

In so many words Jesus Christ taught the people that he was in fact the Word of God that came down from heaven. Many did not want to believe in him because they wanted to see the word of God with their eyes but Jesus told them in so many words that the Word of God is not something that you see with your eyes but it is a voice that you hear in your heart.

He taught his disciples to understand the invisible mysteries of God by using words to tell of salvation this is what it means to preach the word. It means using the words that God gives you to reveal the character Christ in people’s hearts so they will love him and see him for who he is. Every word that is spoken is a word that was given to us by God to help us describe him in human language.

What’s a word?

A word is pronounced thought, it is your heart and mind manifested by speaking. A word is a spiritual vehicle to transport or communicate something that is unseen.

What’s in a word?

The breath of life, the spirit, the spire, or the spiritual presence of that person.

Who is the Word?

Jesus Christ is the living Word also referred to as the Word of God studying the bible is called studying the word because the bible is the spoken Word of Christ recorded by the pens of men. Throughout this book we will be studying him as the Word and all of the words that he spoke and created that have appeared in this world, as a father begets a son who is a smaller version of him the words reflect the living Word they are smaller reflections of Him. Christ is the teaching Word who teaches us by his Word, and we then use words to teach others about him.

Words are referred to as fruit

The fruit of a word is the evidence of what has been spoken, and the seed is a word in thought form before it is formed by speech. Stems of a word like fruit stems lets you know that it is a result of the tree that produced it.

Creation Word versus Formulation Word

To better help us understand the connection between the spiritual Word of Christ Spoken and the words that we see on earth we must understand creation vs. formulation. In Genesis 1:27 the Word created man in his own image so man was a created word image. The word image comes from the Hebrew word "selem" which means the same thing as our English word phantom.

A phantom is a being that exists in the invisible world or that is a figment of someone’s imagination, so Adam was a created figure in the mind of God he was transparent invisible and pure imagination does not refer to make believe in this sense because God is very real, but imagination refers to Adam being an existing figure alive and breathing in the mind of God. He was not yet physically formed as an individual his life force was not independent of God’s.

In Genesis 2:7 The Word God formed Adam and placed him in the Garden as a individual soul this is what is called formulation word because when God creates a thing it is without form, He then forms it to reflect the image that he has in mind for it or according to its performance also called pre-form-ance.

This principle can be simply explained as The Word creates and then the Word performs or Creation is thought Word and Formulation is action Word.

Root words

Root words are the base words that all other words come from all words stem from a root word as the word world or word realm stems from the Lord’s word. You will hear this terminology quite frequently throughout this book.

Synonym words

Synonyms are words that may be spelled differently or look differently but they basically have the same meaning. Synonyms are one of the key ingredients that help us understand the flavor of the Word and the words that we are studying. As we will go on to study Fruit and Word or synonyms they are spelled differently but when it comes to the Word of God they are one in the same.

Rhyming Words

Rhyming Words are word that are related to one another so they have a connection that allows them to sound the same although they are spelled differently like land and hand these are rhyming words because they have a sound connection but they are also synonyms because in th bible they have the same meaning. Anywhere in the bible where you see the word land it can use the same meaning as hand got brought Israel into the promise land or he gave them the promises of his hand.

Serve and nerve are rhyming synonyms as well because it takes nerve to serve God and you cannot serve the Lord without nerve.

Words of the Air/Birds of the Air

Bird and word rhyme for a reason because they are related the bible says that the birds hear words that are spoken into the air and they carry them. Quite often in ancient times humans used birds as messengers to carry their words to an intended receiver. Noah sent a bird out of the Ark with a message to find dry land after the days of the flood. In the book of Revelations there is a creature that fly’s through the air like a bird proclaiming the eternal gospel. Jesus refers to demon forces as the birds or fowl of the air because a word leaves the throne of God and then is carried by angels called cherubim’s that have bird’s wings they are the bird of the air and their job is to carry messages over the atmosphere of earth and to drop them off like manna bread from heaven it pass through the invisible border of the atmosphere and begins to materialize. This is the same process Jesus was the word that came from God’s throne, he was carried on the wings of a cherubim, and dropped through the atmosphere where he materialized in the womb of a virgin named Mary.

Chapter One

In the beginning was the Word God

(Genesis 1:1 equals John 1:1)

In the beginning was the Lord, in the beginning was the Lord and the beginning was the word in the beginning was the Word God. The Word refers to the Spirit of Christ before he was in his physical body and every word that was created by his spirit before it had a body or became something or somebody.

Before Jesus Christ came to us in the form of a man he was the word God seated on the throne in heaven. Word God means the same thing as Lord God because Jesus Christ is Lord and he is the Word so we can safely call him Lord God or Word God. The Lord God or the Word created everything by his words. In the first 3 chapters of Genesis we see the Word God creating everything based of what he said. Genesis 1: 3 starts with and God said.

The bible says that Christ was an angel named Jesus before he appeared to us in the womb. The word angel means messenger so Jesus was the message or the Word God carried out. He was the creator God creating everything by his word he spoke it and it was so. We tend to say Jesus is the Word of God but it is more appropriate to call him Word God because he is his word and so his word is God. Everything that exists only exist because it was said by him when he said it was immediately because his words do not return unto him void (Isaiah 55:11),so the Word spoke a word and the words would go through the process of appearing or becoming what the word says they are.

Everything is created by God’s word and before the Word appeared on earth He was in heaven teaching all the students of heaven how to pronounce, announce, utilize and speak his words because he wanted all of his sons to be just like him preachers, and teachers of his word. He later came to earth to teach all of the earth his words, but before this he simply created all creation by his Word as God that all of creation might know his Word as God.

To know the Word

To know means to have an intimate understanding so we are word beings so we should by nature have an intimate understanding of the word that created us. It is in every single part of us visible or invisible. Every word spoken is the spiritual presence of things that will appear physically. We are in the classroom of Christ he is our teacher and he teaches us about words because he is the Word and words give us the ability to describe who he is. To know the Word is to have a intimate communicating relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Inspired Word

Jesus created the world with his word and so when he came into the world that is the word + realm he is recognized by his word the inspired word. Every Word takes breath to pronounce and the breath that it took to pronounce the word is the spirit of that word. Everything that is in heaven or earth or in the earth beneath was created by the breath of God’s spirit. Since creation was spoken in Christ spirit, it is the inspiration of God. The words that we speak take breath to pronounce and if we have the Holy Spirit within us then the words that we speak should be of divine inspiration. The word inspire is twofold word it is in + spirit =inspire and the bible is the inspire Word of God because it was spoken in his spirit which means it was spoken by his spirit.

It means that all of it was spoken in a spiritual realm nothing about it is natural only supernatural. When one is chosen by God to walk as a Christian they become inspired or in Spirit this found in John 3.You will know when a person is inspired by God because they will speak of his spirit and always speak in spiritual matters, and scripture will back them up or manifest with the evidence of their words also called fruit.

Jesus is the Spirit Word by his words he sows seeds into the earth that produce whatever he has spoken. God can sow a word and men live or sow a word and men die but whatever one he choose God patiently waits for the fruit to manifest. Sometimes it is hard for us to serve God because we don’t speak in divine inspiration, we start pronouncing other words that have a spiritual connection to demonic spirits that still operate as if they are sent from God’s divine inspiration but the Word that created them to be spirits of inspiration have now recreated them as spirits of darkness as a punishment for their disobedience unto him.

It is these spirits that pronounce dark sentences and our lives and would like us to create depressing atmospheres with our words because we have divine inspiration the power to create in the Holy Spirit Word of Christ, and we have the power to create both light and darkness.

In Genesis 1:1 the bible says God’s Word or Word God created the heaven and earth. The word heaven is a two word combination it is to hear seven and that means to hear the seven spirits of God (Revelation 1:4, also 7 eyes Zechariah 4:10).

The seven spirits of God are still one God the number 7 just refers two which part of God is speaking, and just as an earthly man can be speaking from the standpoint as a father, a son or co-worker. He can be speaking from anger our sadness, etc., and so God speaks his word to creation from different angles there are seven whole spirits speaking also called the Whole Spirit but introduced to us in Isaiah 11:2 as the Holy Spirit. So God created the heaven to hear the seven, so heaven was the rest haven for the Holy Spirit word and this is what you read in Genesis 1:1 when God’s Words hovered over nothing preparing to speak something. He first proclaimed his word in heaven.

The Hebrew word for heaven is shamayim has plural meaning that refers to two heavens. The word shama also refers to Jehovah shama meaning the Lord is there or the Word is there, because the first part of heaven is set apart unto God’s word it is where the word is first spoken by him and proceeds from his very throne.

The second part is below the first and it is called the atmosphere of heaven or the hearing seven, the word atmosphere is a three word combo that is actually "at most sphere", because this is where the word is at it most, it is where the word of God gets carried out. The Word taught us that words are most in important in the heavenly atmosphere. The second heaven or atmosphere of heaven is connected to a lesser heaven called earth. We cannot spell the word earth without ear and that is because God created the ear under the heaven. Whatever word was spoken by God in the first heaven it was carried the atmosphere of heaven and dropped into the ears or the earth.

So God created the heavens and the earth and when you combined the heavens with the earth you get the word hearth. A hearth is the space inside of an oven that has the most contact with the heat and so the heavens in the earth were to be sort of an oven that would keep the burning passion of God loves word. When you drop the h off of the word hearth you get the word heart so the heavens and the earth were fashioned after the heart of God, it is where all the creatures would take his words to heart. You cannot spell heart without the word hear and so God created the heaven and earth he created the hearing and ears in Genesis 1:1.

To Hear

(Words of the heart)

Physically speaking the heart is a cardiac muscle that receives information from all parts of the body, and sends out signals of movement.

Spiritually speaking the heart is the vessel for hearing and receiving information from God and sending out signals of spiritual actions. The word heart cannot be spelled without the word ear because our hearts contain our spiritual ears. Just like the ears of corn sprang up from the earth our spiritual ears come from being seeds that developed from spiritual hearing the word earth cannot be spelled without ear we were born in ear +t +h or hearth to hear from God. God spoke from heaven and all of earth would hear and bring forth fruit. But when the serpent poisoned Adam and Eve’s hearing they brought forth no more hearing but gave birth to deaf and dumb spirits. Jesus came to clean our ears and our spirits by casting out the deaf and dumb spirits so that we can clearly hear from him and he has given us the power to heal others.

I Heard

The word heard means to hear but the word herd means a crowd of livestock or cattle these two words are synonymous in the bible, because when a word is spoken form Christ it is not only heard in your heart it is herd by the crowds or hosts of  the creatures of heaven. The word is heard by the herds of God who go charging in a stampede over anything in sight to accomplish that word. The herds of the devil hear the words of Christ as when Jesus cast the legions into the herd of swine they heard is word and he cast them into the herds.

Without form

Everything that was created in this world existed in word form before it was given a physical body. Once a word is spoken by Christ it is then performed or simply formed based off of the in -formation. God formed Adam’s body based on the information of his sin so Adam would carry about in his body the words of God performed with the information that was downloaded in him by God that he should surely die as a result of his sin. Our body carries evidence and genetic information that testifies to the reality of God’s invisible word. Without form means the world was not yet con(formed) to the image of Christ, it was not yet trans(formed) to reflect his glory, and was not yet formed in the unity of God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit it had no uniform.

In the second part of Genesis 1:1 it says that the earth didn’t have any form and it had a void notice that it did not say that the heavens were without a form or void. That is because the heavens already had formed or had the formative word of God. It was the ears that God created were in need of form. The ears of the earth were not yet formed to receive the information of God so it was without physical form or format.

The Void

The earth also had a void which leads us to the word avoid meaning to flee from are attempt to escape. The earth was fleeing, lacking, or, avoiding the word of God, and so spoke his word to fill that void, and he had planned to fill the earth’s entire void with blessed words this is called Eden or Word of blessing.

In Genesis 1:3 The Word created light, and light does not just refer to physical form of light such as light from the sun but it refers to the principles and principalities of light. It refers to understanding and comprehending the Word of God that is spoken it refers to spiritual sight or insight what some may call enlightenment. After the Word had created the hearing and ears of the world he created the sight of the world because Jesus is the light of the world and from the word light we can understand this concept, because the Word would eventually come to the earth and give physical sight to the blind as an example of spiritual insight.

The Word created the firmament in Genesis 1:6 we cannot get the word firmament without the word firm, so God created the word firm, and all other variations of that word. The word was confirmed in the firmament of heaven meaning it was reinforced and stood still.

In Genesis the Word of Christ created the word land which is the same thing or a synonym for the word hand. Earlier we saw the Word create the hearing, ears, and eyes of the world and now we see the hand or land created.

Land mine/Mine Hand

Out of God’s hand God formed the land the same Land that God formed Adam out of is the same land that he has given to Israel to be the lighthouse of the world for God’s glory. Israel is centrally located in the earth it is the apple of God’s eye because it is the physical landing for the heavenly Jerusalem coming down with God, and Satan wants that land because it has natural resources but it will also has heavenly resources.

It is our job as servants of the Lord to possess the Land. It was God’s decree to Israel his chosen people and we are one fold with that spiritual Israel so the decree is also for us to possess the Land.

The Word Land is synonymous with the word hand in the bible. If God says he has given us the Land it means he has given us his hand. If the Lord says he has delivered you with his hand it means he has given you the Land. Hand refers to the spiritual strength of God and the Land stands for the physical manifestation of his hand.

When God told Joshua he delivered the ungodly nations into his hand he acquired in his possession the physical land as a result. Whenever God delivered enemies into King David’s hand David always receive the physical habitation of the land. We as the church have been given the earth into our hands that we may freely go in it conquering it by declaring the hand of the Lord on our lives like David did against goliath, and when we do so we are running invisible demons out of physical places on the earth that they were hiding and controlling. When a nation does wickedness in a land God causes the earth to spew them out by

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