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Italian for foreigners vol.1

Italian for foreigners vol.1

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Italian for foreigners vol.1

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28 dic 2016


The course is completely in Italian. The use of the only Italian language will allow students:
1. To learn faster without the filter of the explanations in their native language
2. To get to the point of thinking in Italian
3. To have the language skills immediately ready to use during their experiences in Italy and Italians
The course will take students from beginner to intermediate with only 25 lessons.
Each lecture will be followed by abundant grammatical exercises Here the major skills that you'll reach at the end of the course:
- All the conjugations of Verbs in present, past, future, subjunctive and conditional
- All the pronouns and adjectives
- Prepositions simple and articolate
- Capacity of introduce himself and other persons
- Parts of body
- Days of week, months, time adverbs
- The clock
- Elements about kitchen, traditions and culture of Italy
- Capacity to read, understand and translate from italian to own language more than 500
words, it means that you will be able easily to read a newspaper or a book, watch a movie,
talk about the latest news with each person
28 dic 2016

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