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Facial Reflexology - Dien Chan Zone: A Practical Handbook with Maps and Images

Facial Reflexology - Dien Chan Zone: A Practical Handbook with Maps and Images

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Facial Reflexology - Dien Chan Zone: A Practical Handbook with Maps and Images

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Nov 24, 2016


“The key to health is on your face and in your hands”
This book presents a self-care method unique in its genre, which offers extraordinary, sometimes amazing and often immediate results for all kinds of disharmony in the body.
The method began life in 1980s Vietnam – like many important discoveries, a result of war and necessity – independent of resource availability. It was developed by a group of acupuncturists to put healing in the hands of the masses by replacing needles with equally effective blunt rounded tools. It is the most recent reflexology on the planet and has nothing to do with other oriental techniques related to the face.
Today ‘Dien Chan’ is a popular and accepted method of healthcare in its home country and part of their official system. However, it is the work of two self declared Italian ‘free-sprits’, over the past twenty years, which has suitably translated the technique and advanced it to meet the needs of modern Westerners. No longer a painful stimulation of pre-defined points; it has evolved to a relaxing massage of zones and individual, personalised points. ‘Dien Chan Zone’ incorporates simplified principles and teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, protocols for allergies and intolerances, a unique Facial-Cranial reflexology and a beauty treatment to tone muscle and regulate skin function.
It is the authors’ overriding intention to facilitate learning and to make this method accessible to everyone. In this book they share full instructions for self-treatment which they know present a great frontier of freedom, and the medicine of the future.
Contains 95 full colour maps

Beatrice Moricoli, founder of S.I.R.F.A./A.I.R.F.I. in Milan, is the first female teacher of Dien Chan (Zone) in Italy, but for many years has practiced also as a therapist and teacher of Reiki, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Chinese Medicine and ‘The Blowing Technique’.
Vittorio Bergagnini, founder of S.I.R.F.A./A.I.R.F.I. in Milan, is a teacher of Dien Chan Zone as well as Tai Chi Chuan, Reiki, Foot Reflexoogy and Wung Chun.
Nov 24, 2016

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Facial Reflexology - Dien Chan Zone - Beatrice Moricoli and Vittorio Bergagnini



By Giulietta Bandiera

Beatrice Moricoli and Vittorio Bergagnini were the first Facial Reflexology teachers in Italy. Beatrice was also the first woman to practice and teach this technique in Italy, even though her journey as a therapist began long before…

BEATRICE: During a period of great crisis in my life, in which I wasn’t well on the inside, even if it looked as though I had everything. I was a happy wife and mother, with a good job in a bank, but I started thinking that, having already achieved all that I could, I was risking spending the rest of my existence only defending what I had already done; it was not enough for me, it felt confined. Yet, I could not imagine I could do something different.

Having studied accountancy and starting work at the age of eighteen, my path looked set. Inside, I felt there had to be something more, some potential to express if I wanted to fully realise myself.

At that time, I also became physically sick with an esophagitis and an ulcer that was causing heart arrhythmia. With no prior knowledge of the energetic world or of natural medicines, a few months later a friend of mine invited me to assist a conference by a Reiki teacher at a holistic centre in Milan.

Led by my instinct, I decided to participate and I waited for the date with great trepidation, hoping that it might be the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Alas, I understood almost nothing of the conference, instead for me it was a huge disappointment. I was disillusioned because I had held such great expectations for that night as the beginning of something new towards which I was being propelled by an unstoppable inner impulse.

That same night though, I had a strange dream…

Do you want to tell us about it?

BEATRICE: My father died when I was only a few months old, so as a child my recurring dream was about looking for his grave at the cemetery but never finding it. This was a dream I continued to have occasionally, even into adulthood.

That night, after a long time, I had that dream again, but with a significant variation. Somebody in the dream touched my shoulder, and as I turned to see them I realised it was the lecturer from the previous evening, who said: I know you didn’t understand anything, but if you come out of here, I can explain it to you again.

She then walked me out of the cemetery, to a space where I could see a group of people sitting on the ground. Once she had closed the door of the cemetery behind me, I sat with them and the lecturer began to talk.

Even in the dream I did not understand much of what she said, but when I woke up the meaning was very clear. I told myself, if this thing I don’t yet know, can take me outside and allow me to leave behind what is dead, it must be able to bring me to a new dimension and therefore it is something positive for me.

So I started to explore Reiki with that teacher, trusting her constant support. If you’re new to this journey, she kept saying that’s even better!

It was, in fact, the beginning of a journey that led me to discover my current vocation and life as a natural therapist.

Had you ever thought you could become one, before?

BEATRICE: Never. Even if I have always had a caring and maternal nature, I never imagined I could help others in this way.

How long have you practiced Reiki?

BEATRICE: Since then I have always done it – even every day, getting to teach it, as I have done until not long ago. I came to understand it is a very powerful technique and I wanted to share, and to make me, my children and all the people around me feel better. I needed an excuse to put my hands on people, strangers, so I looked for a method that allowed me to do so by studying Shiatsu, at a great school in

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