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That Yoga Book: Is Yoga a Luxury or a Necessity?

That Yoga Book: Is Yoga a Luxury or a Necessity?

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That Yoga Book: Is Yoga a Luxury or a Necessity?

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Oct 7, 2016


The author has successfully completed an intense 30 day yoga challenge in July 2016 at the ripe young age of 35. This book focuses on what happened in her yoga practice just prior to and during her 30 day yoga challenge (the memoir part), and also delves into everything yoga. The different types of yoga are also explained, in order to greatly assist you in knowing the difference between Hatha and Kundalini yoga to name. Is yoga a luxury or a necessity? The author also fully answers this question, where you can decide whether being a yogi from here on in is for you; and to think through the possibility of embarking on a 30 day yoga challenge before making that all important commitment in doing so. The author also covers the key poses/asanas that anyone can do from the comfort and privacy of their own home to reap certain positive health and wellbeing outcomes through their yoga practice safely and with confidence. The author also shares her daily journal entries from her 30 day yoga challenge word for word to help you discover the art of self enquiry; and to rethink your yoga, life, exercise and fitness routines to be inspired and to tune into your body, mind and soul.

Oct 7, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Previously a full-time freelance writer with an online presence, and started writing books on helping people manifest more abundance and prosperity in their world back in early 2012 - when Justine first became a full-time freelance writer within only a few months of entering the freelance writing profession. Today, Justine is an independent/self employed business consultant where she focuses on account management, freelance writing (predominantly a PR focus for client companies, and writing/publishing her own books) and counselling. Justine has also just become a qualified nutritionist, and has recently been conferred with a Cert IV in Nutrition and Food Coaching. As a result, Justine has written and published two nutrition books as shown herein, and is now thinking through some future nutrition projects, one of which involves Matcha. Justine is also doing some illustration work in positive thinking, goal achievement and abundance. Justine also holds a Doctor of Psychology Degree. If you've been in business for yourself for at least ten years straight, you will have some ideas as to what abundance is all about. After eight years of researching and discovering different strategies, thoughts and techniques for manifesting abundance; Justine has written these books to share these concepts with you to serve and add value into your world and life, first and foremost. If every single human being (remember, we are all connected) began to learn about the necessary (yet simple and inspiring) steps to manifest more abundance and prosperity into their world; the world as a whole would be a happier and more empowering place to live in. Justine lives a life of abundance on a daily basis. It is easy to integrate the mind, body and soul once you know how. Your creator wants you to enjoy health, happiness and fulfilling relationships in this precious life of yours, and simultaneously too. On this journey you will be tested, and every problem can be seen as a challenge necessary for your growth. These books displayed herein are gems of gold designed to assist you to break through mediocrity, and to enjoy happiness and be at peace with any outcomes that arise on a daily basis. From eating the right foods to meditating, and cultivating an attitude of gratitude to only name a few abundance and prosperity principles covered in these books by the author; you will shine, and you will suddenly discover how easy it is to live a truly abundant and authentic life. Whether you enjoy spending time alone, or with others; abundance is definitely attainable, possible and experienced. These books provide you with the tools, inspiration and strategies to change your thinking to that of abundance, and being open minded for abundance and prosperity to manifest step by step. Abundance is yours, irrespective as to what the economy and/or your country is doing etc. Justine would like to thank each and every customer, client and patient she has been fortunate to serve over the last ten years in business, as of the start of 2016. Justine would also like to thank each and every individual who she has interacted with, and who has supported her as an entrepreneur over these last ten years. Abundance is a journey, and growth may seem uncomfortable at first, yet you evolve to higher levels of being. Life is short. Live in abundance. Justine has also taken an interest in learning how to code, and has applied some of this to her consulting work to date. HTML and CSS - Front End Web Development thus far.

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That Yoga Book - Justine Crowley

That Yoga Book: Is Yoga a Luxury or a Necessity?

Justine Crowley

Copyright 2016 by Justine Crowley

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only; then please purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. The author is not responsible and liable for any loss or injury as a result of practicing any of the yoga poses in the video presentation from self or other parties on published links, and/or for taking up or increasing the frequency of practicing yoga based on the contents in this book, whether in images or words or otherwise. Please treat as advice, and follow up with a physician or other face to face fitness professional on correct postural techniques etc. in order to practice yoga safely and correctly, as everyone’s anatomy is different. An Internet connection is necessary in accessing part of the contents of this book.

Table of Contents

Intro: Why Yoga? Why a 30 Day Yoga Challenge? Why Write a Book on Yoga?

Chapter 1: My Key Life Decision at 35 years of age: yogi life just prior to the 30 day challenge

Chapter 2: Tips to Prepare for your 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Chapter 3: The Key Benefits of Yoga, and What Happened to The Author During Her 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Chapter 4: Yoga Themes: Awareness, Judgment, Emotions and Tuning In

Chapter 5: Is Yoga a Luxury or a Necessity?

Chapter 6: The coolest yoga poses for general wellbeing - do at home

Chapter 7: The coolest yoga poses to assist in strengthening the body and improving your posture - do at home

Chapter 8: The coolest yoga poses to work on your emotions - do at home

Chapter 9: The coolest yoga poses to work on your back - do at home

Chapter 10: The coolest yoga poses to work on your digestive system - do at home

Chapter 11: The coolest yoga poses for eternal youth - do at home

Chapter 12: The coolest yoga poses to sleep well - do at home

Chapter 13: The different types of yoga explained

Conclusion: Yoga - are you up for the challenges and breakthroughs?

Justy tunes in: her 30 day yoga challenge journal

Intro: Why Yoga? Why a 30 Day Yoga Challenge? Why Write a Book on Yoga?

Great questions. Yoga, a 50,000 year old ancient Indian meditative spiritual, mental, physical and emotional practice has indeed come a long way. Over time yoga has progressed to becoming a choice of exercise and mainstream fitness through more fluid movements designed to challenge and inspire us. And to still the apparent and ceaseless chatter in our minds. Once upon a time yogis used to sit on the floor cross legged with palms up and meditate for an entire hour. This reflective pose involves a focal point, in other words a drishti gaze point to focus our concentration inwards. The modern yogi needs more stimulation than that. In response to the modern yogi’s drive and determination to be fit, healthy, calm and centered - a series of poses called asanas came into the modern day yoga practice. That’s right, from the cat and cow stretches to the downward dogs (encompassing the vinyasa flow) flowing to the virabhadrasana (in other words the warrior 2 pose) to what seems to a beginner level yogi to eventually land into shavasana, or corpse pose. Despite the technical sanskrit like terms for all of the asanas - yoga studios are opening around the world every day, not to mention the worldwide popularity of yoga events like Wanderlust. Speaking of Wanderlust, one of my friends went to the very first Wanderlust event in Australia, and it was at Thredbo, a good 5-6 hour drive from Sydney. He recently mentioned to me that the organizers of this event were concerned about the distance, and as a result that no one would show up. Truth be known, nearly every yogi registered to attend this event from Sydney showed up. So awesome. The studio in which I’ve just completed my 30 day yoga challenge initiated a foundation membership program which provides unlimited yoga in their standard yoga sessions for an amazing price, and within only a week half of the memberships were already sold, with 200 of them available. Set up a free yoga session in a rooftop location or similar, and truth be known the allocated tickets will sell in a matter of moments. It really makes you wonder: why is yoga so popular?

Having been a yogi myself for the past two years (as at the time of writing this), I can vouch for how awesome yoga is in enhancing one’s wellbeing both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. After all yoga is a form of personal development, a form of self-enquiry. A union between the mind, body and soul. This book is all about yoga. An opportunity came to me in mid-2016 to embark on a 30 day yoga challenge, and only twelve months prior to that I got my feet wet in becoming a yoga teacher, although briefly. There is always a turning point in anyone’s life that brings them to yoga. Most commonly, yoga is seen as a form of relaxation from the stresses of work and life to many, myself included. I took up yoga as a great exercise program to gently stretch my body, and to relax and heal from the stresses of transitioning from full-time freelance writing to working in medicine and business consulting. After my first (yet not so flexible) downward dog and sun salutation, I was hooked on yoga. Yoga has helped me manifest the great home I’m currently living in today, as well as other opportunities for growth. Plus I’ve also made a few high quality friends through yoga. What happens to you on your mat (whether you’re consciously aware of this or not) is a reflection of your life off the mat. Truth be known, you do not need a mat in order to practice yoga. Yoga is a gift, an essential life skill. Sure, it may appear to some that you’re tying yourself in knots - yet yoga is more than that. Yoga is exercise. Yoga is movement. Yoga is transformation.

I’ve said this many times before, and I’ll say it again: the best form of investment you can ever make is the investment in yourself and in your own wellbeing. To really succeed and be fully present in every interaction and life circumstance, you really need to know thyself. It is all well and good to attend a motivational seminar, yet for many of us, attending such can be rather time and money consuming. In no way, shape or form am I favoring yoga over attending such transformational seminars - they both have their place in the wellbeing and healing spheres; yet for real, lasting change to occur, the commitment to working on yourself needs to be consistently applied to your life on a daily basis. Off hand, the melting heart pose appears to be easy on the surface, yet is a difficult pose to relax into, unless your heart is already open to love.

Not every person who attends and completes a motivational seminar is able to do that, and do it well. Your intentions are awesome to begin with, and then all of a sudden life and work gets in the way. This is where yoga is perfect. Yoga keeps the momentum going on your personal and spiritual growth and development, with a bit of discipline on your end. Why? Yoga is more easily accessible as more and more gyms and studios are opening up to allow people to practice this ancient tradition of health, harmony, healing and wellbeing. It is awesome if you’re able to attend any 60-minute yoga session, although (on the other hand) if your time poor and/or don’t want to participate in yoga with a room full of other yogis; you don’t have to in order to reap the benefits of a consistent, daily yoga practice. Even if you only have the time to participate in your yoga practice for 15 minutes a day, that is perfect. Although

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