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Physical Training For Children - By Japanese methods: a manual for use in schools and at home

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Physical Training For Children - By Japanese methods: a manual for use in schools and at home

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These pages are addressed directly to those who have in charge the physical training of children, and it is urged that the subject matter be read through to the pupils themselves. Yet it has been the aim of the author to make the contents of this volume so plain and simple that the boy or girl of reasoning years will find it possible to instruct himself or herself and a companion.

Why should the Japanese physical training system, Jiu-jitsu, be taught to our young people? The answer is a ready one, and easy of comprehension by one who has had even the most ordinary opportunities for witnessing the feats of strength and endurance of Japanese athletes.



CHAPTER I. Why Physical Exercise is Needed if One is to be Healthy. The Japanese System of Training the Body—What is Meant by " Resistant Muscle" Work— The First Feats to Undertake

CHAPTER II. The "Straggle" in its Varied Forms .

CHAPTER III. The Need of Light Exercise in Alternation with the Heavier—Sample Work of the Lighter Kind

CHAPTER IV. The Pole Work

CHAPTER V. Tug-of War Drills

CHAPTER VI. Strengthening the Back

CHAPTER VII. Deep Breathing, Food, Bathing and Clothing—How Alcohol and Tobacco Ruin the Health and Spoil the Athlete

CHAPTER VIII. Feats for Rapidly Strengthening the Whole Body of the Advanced Student

CHAPTER IX. More about Resistance of Muscles—Exercises that Employ it to the Utmost—Summer Out-Door Sports

CHAPTER X. Muscle-Bound American Athletes—Mistakes that the Japanese Avoid—Last Words to Pupils.
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