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Natural Cancer Prevention and Recovery

Natural Cancer Prevention and Recovery

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Natural Cancer Prevention and Recovery

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Nov 10, 2016


The incidences of people being diagnosed with some form of cancer are reaching alarming rates..

Preventing cancers from forming is a far better option or idea than waiting until they grow and become an often life threatening issue and then trying to treat them. My eBook of about 90 pages offers some suggestions of many practical ways and methods to substantially reduce your chances of developing cancers and explains just what cancer is.

I detail the main types of foods and substances that should be avoided and why, as well as how they affect us, and offer suggestions of safe nontoxic alternatives. The book also gives practical advice on cancer recovery and explains some of the different positive options for those people who are diagnosed with cancers.

Today 1 in 3 people will develop some form of cancer, 95% of those who chose to use Conventional Medical Treatment Methods will not survive more than 5 years after first being diagnosed with their condition. Alternative treatments can offer a much higher complete recovery rate, with many treatments, giving 75 to 90% full and complete recovery rate for people who opt to use them first before using conventional treatments. Each newborn infant in the western world has more than 285 unnatural toxins in their blood when they are born. Scientists have discovered over 80,000 toxic substances in the environments most of us live in, these our body’s systems have to deal with every day. Many Doctors and Cancer Specialists claim cancer is not avoidable and strikes randomly. This myth is perpetuated by pharmaceutical companies, because treating cancer is a multibillion dollar business. The human body has evolved with its own defense systems that if allowed to function properly can cope with most cancers naturally, based on scientific facts that can be easly verified with simple search on the internet.

Nov 10, 2016

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Natural Cancer Prevention and Recovery - Simon Staub

Natural Cancer Prevention

And Recovery



Simon Staub


Published by Simon Staub


Copyright 2016 Simon Staub


For my children, Jean and Trevor. Love of my life, inspiration and source of my strength.



This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only, it may not be re-sold, but can be given away to other people, if you keep it in its whole form. If you would like to share this book with another person, please either send them a complete copy or suggest they get their own free copy from my website or from where ever you got your copy.

My eBook is presented to you so I can share with you my ideas on preventing and curing cancer. It is based on my own opinions formed from my studies of Alternative Medicine in as far as it relates to my family's health and well being. While every effort has been made by me the author to present accurate and up to date information within this document, new information is always coming to hand. Therefore, I, the author reserve the right to update or change the contents and information as any changes are required.

I strongly advise everyone to do their own research into all aspects of cancer prevention and available cures. I, the author take no responsibility for any errors or discrepancies in this document or any actions taken by anyone whether monetary, legal or otherwise. It is the reader’s sole responsibility to seek additional information and satisfy themselves on the appropriate methods for their own health. Reader's results will vary according to their skill levels and individual perception of the contents.

The facts and figures contained within have been taken from many reputable sources, but are meant as a guide only.

Thank you for your support

Simon Staub

Thank You for downloading my free book

Cancer prevention and recovery,

I hope that you get some value from reading it and if nothing else you begin to consider or think of ways to prevent cancer and therefore save the lives of your family, loved ones, friends and yourself. Please share this book with everyone, especially anyone who may benefit from reading it.

I wish to offer you my second eBook

Living on a restricted budget

Also totally free of charge

This book is all about the measures our family used

to live a comfortable life and prosper when we were faced with living

on a severely restricted budget.

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Table of contents


Chapter 1 The Cancer Myths

Chapter 2 What is Cancer

Chapter 3 Prevention is far better than any Cure

Chapter 4 What to do if you already have Cancer

Chapter 5 Foods that have proven cancer protection properties

Chapter 6 Foods that should be avoided or eaten in moderation

Chapter 7 The Bottom Line, it’s up to you

Chapter 8 Cancer Awareness Websites

Other Books by the Author Simon

About the Author Simon

Contact Details


Cancer is probably one of the most misunderstood medical conditions facing modern man, the diagnosis of cancer or even a suspicion of cancer can terrify anyone, it is one of the most feared conditions of all. Yet most people are unaware of the main causes of cancer, or the best and simplest ways to safeguard themselves and their families against this very common threat to our lives and happiness. Most cancers develop over time, they just do not suddenly appear overnight, when a cancer gets to the stage it becomes noticeable or a problem, it has most likely been growing for many months or even years. Many people believe cancer is unpreventable and incurable, this is a total myth, cancer is preventable and curable, with this book, I hope to bring to your attention and share with everyone, some simple, but very effective methods my family uses to drastically reduce the chances of developing cancer. These methods can be used by everyone, my hope is that you will be motivated into action, and it will start you thinking about cancer awareness, how you can improve your, and especially your Children's chances of being cancer free. Cancer prevention is a much better idea than waiting until cancers develop, become established and a health issue, with all the worry, pain, life interrupting and often threatening treatments used for curing them. Prevention is not only the easiest way to deal with cancers, but the only option that makes any sense. Once you have an understanding of how and why cancers develop, you will see that prevention is mainly common sense and relatively simple to achieve.

Cancer is a fact of life, the Big C as it’s often called, is like many things in life that are unknown, it is scary, many people, just do not want to know about it, until they are affected by it, but the reality is that it’s not so scary and terrifying, once you understand exactly what it is and how to avoid or treat it, once it has developed. The media and the medical establishment like to keep the mysticism surrounding cancer alive and strong. The fear of hearing the words from your Doctor I am sorry to inform you that you have cancer and have only x months to live, unless we treat this immediately is glorified in books and films. This statement or words to this effect whether intentionally or not, play on peoples’ emotions and worst fears. They get you, when most vulnerable, and desperate, to agree to anything you are told that will fix the problem. But the sad fact is that most Doctors and the medical establishment cannot do much to help you, they have totally failed to cure cancer and are unlikely to ever do so. The cancer recovery rate from conventional treatments is less than 3% survival for 5 years after first being diagnosed. For people who choose to use natural or Alternative Cancer treatments the survival rate is 87% full recovery. These statistics can easily be verified by checking for yourself on the internet. People who opt to use conventional medical treatments like chemotherapy, radiation or surgery first, then turn to alternative treatments have a much reduced recovery rate when these traditional treatments fail them, because their systems have been severely weakened by these extremely harmful treatments, but statistics show that they still have, even for stage 4 cancers, a reasonable chance of recovery, at least 10% for many people who have been sent home after being told their conventional treatment did not work or there condition was no longer treatable.

Developing Cancer is nobody’s fault, but is a result of an accumulation of many factors, including diet, industrialization and modern lifestyles. Everyone is responsible for their own and their family’s well-being and health, but with so much conflicting information and high powered advertising of so many different products, that claim to be healthy and to protect you, it is very difficult to ascertain the real truth and the facts surrounding the different ways and means to keep yourself and family healthy and cancer free, as well as avoiding many of the other chronic illness that plague our modern society. Doctors are trained to heal the sick and mend the broken; unfortunately food nutrition is not a subject that is dealt with in enough detail in most medical schools. Preventative medicine is a subject that is frowned upon by the medical profession at large and by pharmaceutical companies; if everyone was using preventative medicine’s ideals, and consuming healthy, natural food diets there would be very little sickness, especially cancer. Doctors, Health Specialists and Health Care Workers could devote their time to treating people with conditions that are not preventable and the whole healthcare system would not be so congested.

So the question is, what can we do, where does this leave us, the people who are affected with cancer or the prospect of developing cancer. The answer is that we have to take control of our own wellbeing. It is never too late, to begin starting a program to practice practical ways and methods to avoid cancers, altogether, or substantially reduce your chances of developing cancers, and many other chronic medical conditions. Many of the substances and foods that should be avoided and the reasons why, as well as offering safe, nontoxic proven alternatives (proven by the fact

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