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Exercise in Bed

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Exercise in Bed

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Are you feeling lethargic, achy, stiff-Older than you want to feel? Do you just want to stay in bed some mornings? I'll let you-for about half an hour-I even encourage it!

There are many things that can slow you down and restrict your movement-chronic pain, fibomyalgia, old age, being overweight, arthritis, and the list continues. You know you should exercise but find traditional exercise too hard to stay with, too painful.

I agree! That's why I developed for myself this 'exercise from your bed' program that improves your movement and tones your muscles without creating more pain.

Did I say BED? I sure did! With a daily, low stress and low impact work-out FROM BED you can reduce your daily pain and rely less on medication. You can move around more freely, improve your situation and outlook and enjoy your life.

No more getting down on the floor, afraid you won't be able to get back up. No more jarring your joints and just feeling like crap because you can't do the moves. You CAN do this!

So come on, climb into bed with me!

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